Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekend fun:campfire movie night/beauty and the beast/practice run 4th of july nails

We have had quiet the busy weekend and end of the week.  We had family over and all kinds of fun things going on.  I thought I would share some of the goings on with you guys.
First this happened!!!  Yup the crib came.  My hubby put it up and I will share more of that later this week I will do a update on max's nursery.  
My sis and calvin came down.  (my nephew)  We had a neighborhood movie night with my fav neighbors.  My neighbors kids were in town and they set up a projector so we watched up on the side of the garage and havw a bonfire.
 Here is a pic of fire monster and calvin watching the movie.
 Here they are all lined up while Pat lights the fire pit!

Here are a few fun pics of great moments in the movie.

 Love this..
So fun.
Who wouldn't love a movie night bonfire!
Even the baby bump got in on the action.
 Next day we went swimming and had monkey butts performance of disneys beauty and the beast.  Calvin loved every minute.  She is so proud and did such a great job.
 Here they are with the stars of the show belle and the prince.  (calvin was a little bit star struck) 

 My sis left last night taking calvin and fire monster with her (I already miss my little snuggle bug no matter how much of a trouble maker can be, she can be just as sweet)  

 Monkey butt, the hubby, and I got up early.  I made french toast we did a few chores and I thought me and monkey butt could use some practice run 4th of july nails.  So we ran to get a few good blue nail polishes and saw this at walmart!
Fun new cheapo nail art.  We are going to try some out and I will give a review.  Here is our first attempt nail art for 4th of july.
mine (should have grabbed some sally hanson nail strips at the store but clearly got distracted!)
 Here is monkey butts..
 Now monkey butt is at her last performance of beauty and the beast, then is heading off with her dad and grandparents for the week.  Yes that is right I have a few days with no kids!!!  No, I don't know what to do with my self.  At the moment my hubby is at work and I am taking a minute to relax catch you guys up on the weekend fun (while watching the help on showtime ;) I hope you guys are having a great weekend.  I am going to grab some lunch.

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