Sunday, June 2, 2013

26 w update

Hi sorry to be late again. I have been having some issue with my laptop!!!  I keep getting virus's (damn hackers) and like that isn't hard enough my cord is dying on me and I am going to have to order another. So I have to be very careful to get it to charge at all then fight against the clock to get anything done!  Anyway this week was pretty uneventful monkey butts was at her dads.  So I missed her tons.  I have also been having back issues so I started swimming since it is supposed to help.  I got through 22 laps and one aqua zumba class.  Fire monster also really took off on riding her bike two wheels.  It totally clicked she has turns and stopping down, but occasionally panics when a car is coming or someone distracts her.  Well I will check in again soon hopefully I can get the technical difficulties worked out.

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