Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Tuesday post

This is as good as I will get..

Sooo still a bit bitter about my medal lol. Broke the news to my hubby today. He suggested that I should enter my glorious very under appreciated hanami in the fair. I feel silly since I haven't entered anything since 4 h. but I do know some of my favorite and most wonderful knit ladies do so I will think on it. That is months and months down the road. But for now this little medal from the yarn harlots website will do. Good enough for her then certainly good enough for me!!

On other mentions of champions I did work out today and still have 4 points left for the day at 9:30 at night very happy about that. I am going to let you guys in on one of my favorite little snacks. I came up with this one when I was first watching what I was eating again and counting weight watchers points a Friend brought over some Tabasco cheese its. I happened to pick some up at the store next trip I got home and saw that basically a little palm full was 3 points I believe. Sooo not worth it. If you have see the cartoon over the hedge then you will remember that any time they open the bag of Doritos and the big puff of cheese dust hits them in the face and their eyes glaze over and they dig in. That is what would happen to me any time I open the pantry door..a big gust of cheese spicy deliciousness would hit me.

So I had to figure out a way to get over the issue step one was sending the box to work with my hubby (who can eat anything and not gain a pound) and step two was find a replacement. I found that airpoped popcorn was a big helping for 1 point and add some franks red hot for 0 points and then sprinkle with some kernel seasonings ranch powder and shake it up. It makes some Delicious Buffalo popcorn. The extra flavor helps make you feel more satisfied. It is great I love it and it helped me get past the Tabasco cheese its craving. Let me know if you like it.

Here is my progress on Juliana I have 22'' and I love it. I am 5'' away from the first arm hole. I am getting excited. I will so be wearing this for my birthday with my favorite jeans which I am wearing today by the way!!!! I haven't fit in them since almost 3 years ago it feels great. I love it but they will look good by my birthday right now they are a little muffin toppy but dang they feel good. I couldn't get them over my butt a year ago.

Now I am going to show you some new things I discovered that I am pretty darn impressed with.

These are the boogie wipes I bought for fire monsters little nose. They are working great no chapped nose so far and trust me that is a feat considering the fact that we wipe it, suck it out, scrub it all the time but not the slightest chapping at all. :)

We were low on hair ties at the house. So I was checking selection at the grocery store and found these. They are great they are all rubbery and stay nice all day but don't pull your hair and they are cute as can be and to top that off they have glitter who doesn't love that right. They are going to work great in me and monkey butts hair but fire monster will have to stick to the other ones for a while still she is still baby fine.

Last but not least to make this blog even more random here is a shot of the next project on the block. It is the Olympic hat that my sweet Benji has Ben begging for. I love him so much and he puts up with so much. I am going to do it here are the yarns. I chose to go dark blue and a bit of a off white and some red I had left over. It gave me a bit of a vintage feel. I think it will look great. I love him and I am going to work hard (even though I still sorta suck at fairisle) and put that love in every stitch.

I am super excited because his mosquito control (second job) start date got pushed back but they already changed him over to his summer schedule at work so he will have a few 3 day weekends coming up. but that does mean that we will be on a even tighter budget for a bit here. But in a couple weeks he will be back up to two jobs and there will be more money but less time together. That is how it goes ya know.
Well people I have some points to use up :) I need a Kefer smoothie. :) I hope everyone is having a great day.

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  1. Looks like a great hat! Try knitting "inside out" - that helps stretch those stitches just a bit and might make your fair isle more to your liking! (The outside of the hat is the inside of the circle of your knitting, so the floats have a little further to go.)