Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Soup on a rainy day..

Chicken enchilada soup

So today was a chilly drizzly day around here in Minnesota. I got up cooked our big breakfast I make when Ben is home. I made pancakes and turkey sausage. Then Ben took the girls to the gym while I worked out here and cleaned house. I also got a few minutes to update my template isn't it cute :) I love it. It is from leelous blog. It is very cute and they have much more. There were so many cute ones this one may not stay very long lol,

Then my sister came to get me to go up and look at more cars. I think she has found the one she wants we will see how it goes. I am crossing my fingers for her. I barley made it to monkey butts parent teacher conference. It was great. She is smart and a great Friend and worker I knew that though. Before I left with the sis I threw a few frozen chicken breasts in the crock pot so I shredded them when I got home and threw together some chicken enchilada soup. I used two boneless skinless chicken breasts, one can of diced tomato's, one can of corn, 8c chicken broth, and one packet of enchilada powder. It is one ww point per cup but I usually cut up some corn tortillas and bake until crispy. Throw a little on top and some cheese and low fat sour cream. Here is a pic...

It is great. I was very happy. Then me and the hubby took the girls to McDonald's for a cone to celebrate my monkey butts great report. (a three point cone was never so good.) Well now I am going to hang out with the hubby and knit heck who knows maybe I will even fold some laundry. Well I hope every one is having a good day. Let me know what you think of the new look of the blog.

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