Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Holiday 2015

I had some requests for daily prompt to document the holiday season of 2015.. you asked for it, here it is!!!my thinking is the holiday season goes from Thanksgiving till New Years that's how I document .Please feel free o n play along. I will periscope my process as much as possible. I put options for you to change out if there is soemthing you don't celebrate.  Also feel free to not do them in order ,make it your own and have fun !! Please share pics of your process under #sweetaimeesholidaydaily and happy holidays!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Where to found me

Hey guys sorry I haven't had much time to blog.  Life is just crazy and barely get a minute to my selfm and when I do is creating and being a busy body ;) i would love if you would song over to Instagram and come say hi.  I am on there quiet a bit. https://instagram.com/p/7S-P0iHLK8/ and I am also on periscope where I do live feeds upon occasion of going is around here (planning, cooking, peeks inside planners and tips and tricks) you can chat by typing questions and sending hearts. I am having allot of fun on there.  Here is my name and profile. 
Thanks for checking in and hope to see you soon! !!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

a tour of my cakedori /fauxdori (video)

I told you guys yesterday that I would show you more in depth of my cakedori and some of the other things that I mentioned.  Well when Max was down for his nap today I took a moment to take a video on my cakedori quick.  How it works and what I use it for.

I hope you guys enjoy it.  If you have any questions leave them below.  If you want to see more of the progression in my cakedori follow me on instragram.  I post there daily :)  Have a good day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Where I have been. .

Okay are you ready??? This is going to be a long one.  Okay so if you follow me on instagram (sweet_aimee81) you know I didn't fall off the face of the earth I have just had my hands full.  I have been doing lots of things.  I have been journaling daily.  I started decorating each page just a bit about a month ago.

I have a helper who is constantly by my side and it is hard to get the laptop out to blog because he is pushing keys and deleting things and driving me crazy.  This is him helping pick up my Theresa Collins sequins (he is obsessed and dumps them daily)

I ordered a cakedori aka fauxdori off cakepaperie on etsy   It is a book that you add notebooks into.  I have 3 journal booklets going in there right now.  I love it I use it everyday and here are some ways I have been using it. (and I am on a april no buy lol)

I have been doing #listersgottalist on instagram I do a list a day following theresetgirls list. I have loved doing this.  I do one a day and instagram it.  Some are fun, some make me think, but I love it.

I have been documenting a tiny bit of each day in my heidi swapp memory planner I got before christmas. I have been doing this since the first of the year.  I think I will do a video on some of these new things at some point to show you guys how I am using them.
I got a color crush planner and I have been using this for my calender 
I love it I got the teal and I am using my disc bound for house hold things I don't have to keep with me at all times (budget bills work hours ect.) 
 I was super sick last week so I was relaxing drinking tea trying to feel better I also threw my back out
 I did a smidge of smashbooking
While I was sick last week this also happened.  Shelby (aka monkey butt) had a accident at school and she got stitches on her chin and broke her knee cap!!!  So she is in a brace for a month.! (her stitches just came out yesterday)
  For my birthday me and evea (aka fire monster) got a hair cut.  It was her first hair cut by anyone but me and her first haircut in a salon!!!  Lol she liked it.
We also bought a mini van.  I was time we traded up.  We were just too cramped in our sedan.  So we took a road trip to Omaha to the Omaha zoo. 
It was just a over night trip..a mini vacation.  We had soooo much fun and really needed a get away because it has been a stressful year so far.   I have been to tons of zoos in my life we were members of the Minnesota zoo always when we lived in the cities but Omaha zoo it awesome.  It is like the Minnesota zoo The Sioux falls zoo, Underwater world, and the Como zoo crammed into one and more.  We walked 6.5 hours and missed three buildings.
We started to get some nice weather and my hubby built my swinging bench I scored at end of season last year for 25$!!!  I love love love swinging benches.  It is my thing. 
Before we had nice weather I knit max some mittens.  They are cute little hedgehogs. 
And I knit a cover for a hot water bottle.  A g.f./pen pal from united kingdom convinced me I needed one and she was sooo right.  I use it to warm up the bed when its cold.  I use it to help with my back pain.  I use it for all kinds of stuff. 
 Speaking of penpals, that has been another huge thing I have been doing I have a handful of penpals So I have been writing them and sending out snail mail.  I have also done pocket letters. I have made some amazing friends with the penpal thing and am feeling so blessed to have had some amazing women come into my life.  :)  Well my little monster will be up from his nap anytime So I need to get a few things done. Go follow me on instagram to stay up to date I am sweet_aimee81

Monday, March 2, 2015

baby smashbook progress video

Hey guys sorry I am such a slacker lately but blogging from my tablet leaves much to be desired allot of times and my laptop had some major virus issues.  I just preformed a factory restore on it so I am back up and running.  :)  Here is a video on my baby style smash book I started for Max.  It isn't finished but this is what I have done soo far on it :)  I hope you all are doing well.  I feel so out of it after being gone so long.  :)

Monday, January 26, 2015

planner give away

I have always loved pen and paper. I have always loved planners and writing letters and reading Real books. something about that tactile experience is always spoken to me and calmed me. if you follow me on Instagram it's no surprise that I have been a huge fan of my planner for quite a while now. I love decorating it using it to keep track of work and things with the children and household things .  So I thought I would share my love with you guys! I have been gathering and ordering and sorting things out for a while now to put together 2 packages for a giveaway
here they are:
 Here is planner 1 set. it comes with a smaller planner that will fit easily in your purse it it's bright and colorful and have plenty of space to write also.
 just a closer look up what I'm giving with this one set. There's a gold and mint  pen, two mechanical pencils One Navy and gold stripe and one gold and white ,there's a set of washi tape ,and then four sheets of washi paper (it has different width of stripes and different Circles Pre-punched out.)
 here is a look at the weekly/ daily view in this planner
 Here is a look at the month on two pages.
 I also punched these to fit in the front. they are translucent sticky tabs with dogs and cats. (I have these ones and they are definitely some of my favorite)

 Here is a look at planner set 2 .

 you get to mechanical pencils 1 mint and gold polka dots 1 gold squares and coral you also get a gold and mint polka dotted pen,and two rolls of washi.

 You also get this whole book of Rilakkuma sticky notes/tabs.

I punched and  inserted a project life card into the insidecover so that you could add a dashboard with your sticky notes.
 Thisis the daily and weekly View. 

 This is the month on two pages.  I also added a project life journaling card in feb. It's has beautiful grey details on the page
didn't going to be run by Rafflecopter I'm putting the link right here you can be entered by commenting on this blog post for 3entries, Liking my facebook page is five entries, and visiting my facebook page is one entry. I will be drawing in 7 days

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

great ways to organize using Dollar Tree products

ok there have been a couple places that we're getting super cluttered and crazy in my house. So what I decided to take a trip to the Dollar Tree and get some bins. I looked at the spaces I wanted to organize kind of figured out what I needed. what shape ,what height with that I had some Dollar Tree bin here that I could use to measure and make sure it fit in the places I wanted to fill.
 the first place I decided to organize was my big deep drawers beside my stove.
here is the horrible before:
 I tucked bins down in there, I put the kids this sippy cup then and the other I use for my smoothie type thing beside it I put my rolling pin and my saran wrap and parchment paper and baggiez. in the back I have my silicone baking mat and chai powder
then came the bottom drawer which I used to hold my microfiber towels and my aprons
I folded the rag and aprons I put two bins stack them neatly and boom done. Beside them are some spices for grilling but we don't really use much this time of year and a drying matts for dishes.
Next I tackled my food cupboard this wasn't a huge concern but I just kind of wanted to optimize space.

here's what I wound up doing I emptied all the boxes for things like granola bars and Ritz crackers (things that are packaged inside packages) and then I have a bin for Maxs snacks and have been for me and my husband (my girls are in a different cupboard and they already have bin)
 I have had these drawers organized for ages with dollar tree bins the one on the left to a charger headphones and batterys and the right one is maxs bibs and Max's washcloths.  
 The next door is full of lids: jar lids, cup lids, Airwick things and it has baby proofing stuff and chip clips
 no this was one of the worst job I had to tackle Max's dresser.  those little clothes are so hard to keep organized
 I put a bin in each side cuz there's of wooden partition in the middle there and I put the left at six to nine then there swin diapers the right is 12 month and 18 month and on the far right is pajama
I did the same exact thing with his pants drawer.   we did the girls this closet but that was mostly just taking out summer stuff and putting it in space bags underneath their bed.  so there wasn't anything super interesting to share there. I also just kind of went around the kitchen declutter reorganize. I put away as many things as I could so that the only thing on my kitchen counter are my microwave and my humidifierthe. The other side of course have to have my utensils and then the coffee maker and my sweetner and what not (nonobody messes with the coffee lol)  I hope this heled inspire you to organize some of your cluttered areas.