Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappuccino low cal knock off.

 okay so last time I went to the cities I made my mandatory trip to my favorite coffee shop for a drink and saw this beauty.  This is the Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappuccino  Yum.  Me and my hubby both love it but seeing as we have no Starbucks any where remotely near out town I had to recreate it.
And if I am going to do that it isn't going to carry the hefty 440 cal and 13 ww points
My version has 5 ww+ points and is pretty damn good if I don't say so myself.(sorry for the crappy cell pic)

Here is my recipe.
3/4 c cold press coffee (  Here is my link on how to make that)
1/4 ff milk
1T ff sf chocolate pudding powder
1T choco chips
1 chocolate cream oreo.  
and ice

I swear by and always use my bella knock off magic bullet blender I fill the glass with ice.  Then throw in all my ingredients and blend.  Tastes delish and I save 8 ww points!  Not bad I hope you guys enjoy.

how to treat a sunburn (swear it works)

 Okay so yesterday we had our good friend graces birthday party a hour and half away at wild water west.  So if you are going to drive a hour and half to go to a water park and blow money to get everyone in you make a day of it right.  It was a blast we had a great time with our good friends and the day ended with everyone feeling like this ...

 and even though I slathered us all in spf 30 sport lotion and sprayed us down with spf 50 spray every time we got out of the pool some how I am the only one who wound up looking like this...

When I went to the bathroom at buffalo wild wings and saw my legs and the I was shocked!!! Wth how did that happen.  And I of coarse didn't have that great beachy look no I had a red forehead and other spots here and there.  So I sat down at the table and did what I always do when I don't know how to fix something I searched pinterest.  This is what I found.  So as soon as I got home I put some water on threw in two lipton ice tea bags (the only black tea I had on hand) and once it looked ready I thew in a ice cube tray and dipped a rag and started applying the tea to my burns.  I let it sit and soak on my legs the longest The rest of my body pretty much looks just fine today the only places that are still red are the places that got the worst of the burns for some reason.   So here is the after math..

See the only places that are still really red are where it was the deepest sunburn.  But the tea instantly made it feel cool and took the pain out.  I recommend this big time.  I also dabbed it on fire monsters cheeks because even though I was extra careful with her cheeks because of her scar they got a big pink.  Worked on those too.  Well good luck I hope this helps some people as much as it helped me!