Wednesday, July 31, 2013

35 week update.

Okay guys, it has been a long week.  I started getting nose bleeds and headaches over the weekend and have been dealing with that since Saturday.  I still have one but my o.b. is thinking sinus infection so I started antibiotics tonight.  I have been miserable for days! I was in and out of the drs a few different times before they came to this conclusion.  Any who as of today at drs Max was head down but he still some how finds enough room to flip around in there because he is now sideways again!  He should roughly be 5.5 pounds and about 18.2''.  He has had the hiccups allot.  I took a video this morning of him with the hiccups. :)  Double click on the video and it will show the full size.

Excuse the no make up picture which is poor quality (not my 9 year old photographers best work!).  I always say you know I am sick when I don't have any makeup on!.  Well I am going to get the girls a snack before bedtime and crash early myself.  :)  Have a good one guys.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mani monday

It's mani Monday and it was finally a week where it lined up for me to paint my nails.   I decided to try out a polish from Maybelline I bought a while ago.  It's color show tenacious teal.  For the accent nail i did a coat of pure ice sexy mama. 
The Maybelline color was pretty shear so i did a coat of nyc matte me crazy matte to coat.  Is a trick i got from tiffany d. If you have a polish that is streaky it shear put a coat of matte top coat between it will make it opaque and non streaky.  


Saturday, July 27, 2013

maternity photo shoot

 Since this is more then likely going to be our last baby we wanted to commemorate it.  We had my amazing girlfriend Stephanie who did our family pics a few years ago do some maternity pics for us.  I am soo glad we did do this and I am in love with the shots.  I thought I would share.(here are a few favs)
We got some of me and my amazing hubby and the bump. 

I altered this one and changed it to sepia and brought back the color of my necklace.

 Steph altered this one.
 (we clearly can't make a heart with our hand lol )

I adore this one of Benji kissing my baby bump.
 This is another great one Steph altered.

I got some great ones of me and the girls and the bump

I altered this one to be sepia and brought back the color of the umbrella.
 Here is the before..
 I got some great ones of my girls together.

 (this is my girlfreind stephs little girl with Fire monster)

 A few shots of them with their cousins.

 A few great alone shots

  Monkey but black and white with the color brought back in her eyes. Love the freckles.

 This is all we could get of fire monster because she was busy catching frogs with my gfs little girl lol.

 A few of me alone.

 A couple of me and my sister.

And best of all a great pic of my great little family before the big change happens and our foursome becomes five.  

 Have a good one guys.

Friday, July 26, 2013

diy duvet cover.

Yesterday I had a endocrinologist appt.  which means I got to travel through the land of 10,000 wind farms to Sioux Falls SD.

It is some crazy business just fans every where which is good since it means clean electricity but it is still crazy to look at some times.
 We took off early, had a picnic after, and were going to do some shopping but I started to feel sick.  I did stop and grab fabric for the nursery's duvet cover.  I have a company store crib duvet and I figured I would just make a cover for it.  So we went in and dug through fabrics and here is what we came up with.  Some robins egg blue minky and a fun grey, blue and white animal print.  I bought one yard of each plus the 6'' that was left of the minky.
 Once I got the kids in bed last night I whipped it together. I used the purple duvet cover as a templet.
 I figured I would have just enough with the cotton so I cut the minky to match.
 Here is a up close of the pattern on the cotton.
 I wanted a Velcro closure on the bottom I knew so I hemmed one side of each piece of the fabric for the bottom.  Then I lined up and sewed on the Velcro. 
 I then cut some ribbon to put in each corner.  ( I wanted to be able to tie the duvet cover to the duvet) I pinned those in each corner and sewed a french seam   ( I linked a tutorial on french seams they are easy and finish beautifully.)  I did that around 3 sides of the duvet cover.   I then took the duvet and sewed a ribbon across all the corners to tie the duvet cover to.

 Now it is done.
  I love the way it turned out I like having the decorative side and the snugly fabric for snuggling.  Obviously I am not going to be using this unsupervised with a newborn since they don't recommend any blankets for newborns pretty much.  but I will have it for when he is older or for snuggling and for laying on the floor or what ever when he gets older.  
 We only have one project left and the nursery will be complete.  I can't wait!!  That project will get finished this weekend :)  Hope you guys are having a great day.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

34 w update

 Okay so this week was a busy one and it went pretty quick.  We had family in town all weekend and Monkey butt was at girl scout camp.  Fire monster learned to fish.  Although I found the energy to go all weekend with the family I have been exhausted the past few days and barely got a thing done it feels like.   I am up a total of 23 pounds as of this morning.  Max should be weighting about 5 pounds (but I would guess a bit more since last monday he was 4.8) and he should be 17.7 inches.  This week his skeleton will be hardening. 

It also says exhaustion aches and pains will be hurtles this week..which yup seems right on lol.  I have 42 days to go which also means two weeks until baby Max is full term and can be born at anytime!!!  Isn't that crazy!  Another big thing that happened this week was Kate and William had their baby/ future king of England.
I am sure his mother is watching over baby boy and very proud :)  Kate looks amazing!!  Yeah Don't get your hopes up people I won't be looking like that leaving the hospital I am sure lol. (way to set the bar high Kate lol) We have a busy day planned with a trip to the pool, its library day, and monkey butt has piano lessons which will all be in the works between now (noon) and when my hubby goes to bed at 6pm!  So I better get myself moving.  I hope you guys have a great day.