Tuesday, July 9, 2013

late monday mani..

So this is a late monday mani.  I needed one yesterday but we spent the whole day down sizing and cleaning things out and reorganizing for baby time.  We took 3 bags of trash out of fire monsters bedroom and one out of monkey butts.  Fire monster  is my baby hoarder she is a keeper and keeps all kinds of junk all the time.  It was all like little pieces of things she doesn't have or MacDonalds toys that don't do anything all kinds of junk.  Anyway between that and rearranging things I didn't get around to a mani until I couldn't sleep at 5a.m.  This is what I went with.

I used MissJenFabulous tutorial.  These are some cute ones.  The girls are expecting mani's today, so I will practice on them.  
Have a great day guys. 

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