Tuesday, July 27, 2010

fo traveling women shawl

just to give you guys a heads up I have added a few things to the blog. There are now direct links to my patterns and recipes to make it easier if you should want to find one. :) I thought that would be handy. I have been working out like a good girl and am good and sore although I did cook chicken fried steak for dinner..not healthy but delicious.

My poor hubby this is what he must deal with at dinner. It sorta reminds me of the commercials where the monkeys are riding on people and making them smoke. lol Poor benji. Now here is a pic of the finished product of my traveling woman shawl. and enjoy the cleavage shot now because my breast reduction is scheduled for aug 17 and I will be a c after that day So crazy excited about the fact that I will no longer have to lug my 36gs along to the gym.
The traveling woman shawl it is very nice. I beaded the bo edging. I had to block it twice because I pulled out the wrong spots and the little points still aren't super exaggerated. but oh well.

here is a pretty shot of the beaded lace edging.

and here it is on the back fence.
Now I am going to take a minute quick to talk to you about fruits and veggies. I always try to keep tons in the house and I refuse to buy bagged lettuce anymore. I have a system when I get home from the grocery store I fill a big bowl or sink with cool water and pour in a bit of vinegar and lemon juice. I soak them in thereto clean any dirt and grit off since vinegar is a natural disinfectant and lemon juice helps keep stuff from browning and then rinse them here is the stuff.

I always chop and prep everything right away. I love my salad spinner it was like 3$ on clearance and a big must is the plastic lettuce knife you see on the bottom it keeps you lettuce from browning and cuts through it like butter it is magic.

I rinse spin and put away in fridge. I get a great big Tupperware bowl of salad for 1$ instead of 3 for a bag. It stays fresh longer too and I know it is clean. I had two big bowls of salad for lunch today after bosu class.

I think my next post will be some new favorite things I have been finding :) Hope today is treating you guys well.

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