Sunday, July 11, 2010

my knitting gurus..

So I am running low on books so I am going back to books that I lost my way on some how. I brought Eat Pray Love with me to the beach today. I started it when I was pregnant with fire monster and probably found something with zombies, vampires, werewolves,or bounty hunters to read. I am attempting to go back to it now.

I was reading along while sitting on the beach with the family today and Elizabeth Gilbert says" A great yogi is one who has achieved a permanent state of enlightened bliss. A guru is a great yogi who can pass that state on to others. The word guru is composed of two Sanskrit syllables. The first meaning darkness the second meaning light :out of the darkness and into the light. You go to your guru not only for lessons but to actually receive the gurus state of grace. If you yearn sincerely for a guru you will find one. The universe will shift destiny's molecules will get themselves organised and your path will soon intersect with the path of the master you need. " (those are direct quotes btw)
I was reading this and it dawned on me. I have gurus!!
When I was 23 with a less then one year old baby, a single parent working at caribou coffee as a part time gig. I was lonely and in a weird desperate place in my life. When I met the knit ladies. A group of women who met every week to knit. Little did I know they would be my gurus my life savers who would teach me and share thier state of grace with me. The main group of which were Amy (my twin who never fails to surprise me), Jean(my sister who is sooo magical and always glass half full), Lynn(my holistic adventurous yogi), and Valarie( my mom ). I wanted to knit with them so I taught my self from a book over the weekend and went to the next knit group. They helped teach me the rest. They are all special, patient, talented, wonderful, women who radiate kindness and light all around them.
They are everything that a guru is described as. They have seen me through single motherhood, marriage, bed rest, naughty babies lol, deaths of loved ones, births of loved ones, hair school, anything, and everything but as soon as I walk in and land in their warm blanket of love and kindness and start forming stitches to make some thing for someone I love, all the stress heart break anxiety melts away. I have to be the luckiest women ever because I have a village of gurus.

This is a picture I took, of the only picture I have it is Julie, Valarie,and Lynn. I had a hard time finding words to explaining each one they are all so brilliant and wonderful. There are many others who are wonderful and I love to over the time but people come and people go, we have moved coffee shops numerous times in the last year, but one thing is always the same I will always walk into group and have these amazing women's state of grace surround me and make me a better person mother Friend and knitter. I love and miss my gurus and don't see them nearly enough these days. Thank you my gurus for all the things you have taught me, all the hard times, and joys you have seen me through, all the times you saved me. I am definitely blessed to have you.

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  1. Oh, Aimee! I am so honored by your very moving entry. The love goes both ways, and we are blessed to have you in "the group" - even though we don't get to see you very often any more! At least we get to keep in touch through your entries here. I'm amazed at how fast you finish your knitting (I think you're about as fast as Valerie!)