Thursday, October 23, 2014


I had a few things I wanted to share with you that I have been loving lately.  First off is the little acrylic organizer that I have been using to hold my most reached for things on my bathroom counter.  I have been loving this.  I picked it up at marshalls for around 10$. 
 Second is my revealed two pallet from coastal scents.  I have used my revealed two pallet a ton.  I would say is is my most reached for pallet.  So when I heard they had a revealed two that was total dupes for the naked 3 pallet I was soo excited.  I ordered it on sale for 10$ it is normally 20 but soooo worth it I don't think I have used another pallet since it came about a month ago.
 I have a few skin care favorites that I use daily.  I use the fruit of the earth vitamin e cream every day as a moisturizer. It is great keeps my skin moisturized and it is smooth and I love it.  I find it at walmart for 3$ something for a two pack.  (I heard about it from holly chastain I love her and really do wish she would post more).  There is my acure marula oil.  I have posted about it before I love this stuff I use it under and around my eyes and any where I feel like I am dry.  Usually in the morning and at night.  I also have the trader joes serum. I  grabbed this two trips ago in the cities.  It is great stuff.  It has a silicone feeling like a primer.  I use a pump of this at night and in the morning.  It is around 10$ and is some great stuff.
 My sleek contour kit in light.  I ordered this off amazon and love it!.  It has a great non muddy matte bronzer and pretty shimmer highlight.  I love love love this bronzer.
 Those are a few great things I have been loving lately.  Do you guys have any new things you are loving.  :) 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

9 easy Halloween nail art

I have decided it is time to start the Halloween nail art.  I love doing my nails and I love having fun nails but I am not the best at nail art.  I love fun easy nail art.  I have compiled a few great tutorials that I have used and loved that I thought everyone would enjoy. :) 
Here is a cute and easy candy corn tutorial from the beauty department
Here is a super cute jack skeleton mani.
This has three great easy nail arts from MissJennfabulous  I love her nail art for beginners series.
I used some of this one in my monday mani Very cute and very easy
This one is super cute I love these whimsical nail ideas

I hope this gave you some great ideas for some fabulous Halloween nail art ideas

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mani Monday

Quick mani Monday who'll share more on it tomorrow

Friday, October 17, 2014

So I have been thinking allot about marriages lately.(  I want to preface this by making it clear I am not judging bragging or anything of the sort.  I am not saying everyone should stay in doomed marriages or be door mats or condemning people for divorce nor am I saying to give up and get divorced.)  I have just had the thoughts running through my head of how every marriage is different. Since everyone was built on a different foundation and each one has different people in it with different standards and needs and believes and has different problems, every one also has a different amount of strengths and breaking points.  

I was talking to a gf the other day who was just frustrated that she was in a argument with her hubby, but they couldn't get past it and move on because it is harvest time and he isn't home long enough to get through to the other side.  So frustrating.  I have been there.  This probably isn't a big deal breaking fight but a frustration. My advice was just wait it out they will be fine and while it isn't easy every hurdle you get past in your marriage makes it stronger.  

That lead me to think about the trials and tribulations my marriage has been through.   We aren't perfect we are normal people. We have had money troubles. Where you are always on edge and bickering because its stressful trying to make ends meet with young kids.  We have had opposite schedules. Where he works when I am home and vice versa.  That didn't work well at all for us.  We wrote notes in a note book almost every day but we need to be together that just wasn't for us.  I have a gf that her and her hubby do that all the time to avoid daycare and it works for them but I know in my marriage it doesn't. 

We have had power struggles with families (meh inlaws lol).  Huge moves where we moved away from friends family and our home for my hubbies job.  We have had medical troubles and babies.  We have grown up from young adults, who like to go out and have drinks and party, to parents who don't see the value in that.  Everything changes and goes through seasons.  While this isn't the steamiest time in our marriage, having a one year old..not enough sleep...not enough energy..and being the heaviest me and my hubster have been at...probably ever.  but it is one of the happiest.  We are comfortable and feel loved and there isn't as many stresses and worries and external factors. 

While I feel like I am happy and great and could weather the storms, I think of things some of my gf's have been through with husbands who have had full blown affairs where they left them and the  horrible betrayals and they have worked through it and are back together.  I know that is something that would be beyond the weight limit of my own marriage and it would snap under that.  But I think about my advice to my gf about the harder the times you weather, the stronger it feels like your marriage is and I think maybe they just have a stronger marriage then even mine....who knows.  

I just know the longer I am married and the more I see, the less I judge.  I love all my gf's and if they are happy I am happy.  I am off for a weekend with the hubby while my sis in law takes our monkeys for us I will miss them, but I am looking forward to a good nights sleep and some relaxing date nights with my hubby.  I hope what ever your troubles are right now the scales tip and things balance out and you can just enjoy life this weekend.  Have a good one guys.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

easy spot cleaning for make up brushes

 I have been out sick all week slacking off.   I have that may respiratory bug that's going around.   So I haven't had much to share.   My nails aren't even pretty because I am doing nail envy strengthening treatment.  But I have had this little life Saber of a trick up my sleeve for a while.   I have been using allot of cream products lately and if you use a gel liber with your brush and go to use it the next day. .. not going to work.   Here is what I do to spot clean my brushes.
I use a stamping up stamp pad cleaner some spray brush cleanser. 

 See how dirty this is with gel liner from yesterday

Well I spray the cleanser on half the pad.  I then scrub the brush around then sib it on the dry side and boom clean! ! And no dry time or laying flat.  I can toss them back in the holder out use them right away. 
See how clean that came. 
I love this trick when I am traveling so I don't have to pack tons or brushes and don't have to worry about having a good clean brush for my eye brows or liner.  The pad I use is just fuzzy one.  You could use anything like that texture I use this when I clean my brushes to.  I just put I bit of ivory dish soap on one side to scrub them on. Works beautifully.   Have a good day guys. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

cheese stuffed shells

 I posted some family favorite meals but I didn't have a recipe for this one so I thought I would post one.   It's for cheese stuffed shells.  My entire family LOVES this meal.  It's not that hard I have a few tips to make it easy. 
You need:
1 box large shells
1 jar spaghetti sauce
2 containers of ricotta
1 package shredded parm
1 block mozzarella
Italian seasoning 
salt and pepper
a cookie scoop

I mix the two things of ricotta with half bag of parm add some pepper, salt,  Italian seasoning.  Boil the shells for the amount of time they say on the box. (Prob varies per brand) run a bit of cold water over them in the strainer so you can handle them.  I pour a bit of sauce in the bottom of pan then grab the shells like so to squeeze open.  I use a cookie scoop for the filling. 
Once they are all full
I cover with pasta sauce mozzarella and ready of parm and bake at 375 for 30
I had a few extra shells so I put the four each girl on mini loaf pans. 
This is the end product.
Always yummy.  You know it's a big hit when the kids ask what's for dinner and when you tell them everyone says "yesssss".
I love not having to argue at the dinner table.  It makes life so much easier.  Hope you guys enjoy this and it makes for happy dinners for your
family's.  Have a good day. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

a weeks worth of dinners

I love hearing what other people cook and what their favorite recipes are.  So I thought I would share what we had for dinner this week. 
Fridays dinner was white chicken enchiladas
 This was the first time I made this and it turned out great.  Was a big hit with the hubbies and me the kids grumbled a bit about the green chili's but they ate. I made half the pan cheese enchiladas (hence the tooth picks)
Thursday was stuffed shells.  This is a recipe that wasn't from online. I am going post it for you guys. 
This is a sure fire hit with the entire family every time. .. which is rare. there is always someone complaining.
I missed we'd dinner but Tuesday was potato soup in the crockpot. I do office hours so it's usually eat out our crockpot night. This is another one that is always a winner and soooo simple.  We just had Italian bread with it.
These are mini french dips. These are another easy one.  The girls love to help roll them and they are fun for the kiddos to eat.  They are quick and no complains again with this one again. 
Those are the meals for this week.  Some weeks don't have as many hit meals 
but with a family of five everyone isn't getting router favorite meal every night that would be impossible.  But I do make some little attempts to appease (like cheese enchiladas or leaving meat off something or such). What are your family's favorite meals? Have a good night guys.