Sunday, August 14, 2016

Flip through of latest diy bullet journal

Here is my most recent video that I just uploaded showing a flip through of my most recent Travelers notebook and my DIY bullet Journal I put everything that I wanted into one planner and may detect block of stone together signatures it was a lot of work but it was definitely worth it

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Freebie printable recipe cards from little blue garden

I have some exciting news the lovely Sophia and Nicholas from little blue Garden have made printable recipe cards for my coffee recipes!! They turned out super cute! so now you can print them and keep them for your own you can use them is Tip in's in your journal or planner. Here they are in all their Glory and you can download them here

Thursday, June 23, 2016

4th of July nails

If you guys follow me on Instagram you know that for about a year-and-a-half now I have been obsessed with impressed press on nails. I've been using them pretty much non-stop for a year-and-a-half. They're easy to put on very cute inexpensive and they don't kill your nails! You don't have that nasty feeling when you take off a gel manicure or a set of acrylic nails. For this year I have a couple fun different patriotic sets that I picked up for 4th of July. This is the first it's called the bells and whistles. usually when I apply them I add some nail glue to my nail and then I stick them on top of that. They are preadhesived & between  the two adhesives they stay at least a week.
With the little guy it's hard if not impossible to wait for nails to dry when painted much a less for fun nail art to dry when painted!!these are a great solution to that. They last me a week. They look fabulous & I get compliments all the time. I love all the fun styles.( A few other tips when you're choosing the size to go on your nail go slightly smaller than your typical nail and they will stay on better and look nicer if there's a tiny bit of your nail showing at the sides you won't notice it but if they're slightly larger than Tend to pop off more) Let me know if you give him a shot .good luck!!
Here are just some of music fav. Styles from the last year

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Coffee recipes

Okay guys I have been working on a series on periscope on diy coffee drinks.  I love making my own coffee drinks at home because it not only is crazy cheaper but I can make big batches for the family and make substitutions for healthier options. For instance you can exchange full sugar syrups for sugar free and substitute allot of the pudding mixes I use for sugar free versions if your dietary needs call for it, you can also use any dairy or dairy free product I usually use a dairy free version for hubby using soy or almond milk.Everyone wanted me to post the recipes where they can reference so here we go.
First off most drinks start with cold press coffee so Here is a video tutorial on making that..

Then you go from there
Sweet cream.
This s a easy sweet cream I have talked about in the past take a jar and throw in a can of condensed milk and a can of evaporated milk shake and store in fridge

Iced smores mocha:
cold press coffee
mallow cream
chocolate syrup
cream/milk/creamer of your choice
chocolate instant pudding mix
pour cold press into blender cup til 3/4 way full add enough cream, milk, creamer what ever you like til about a inch bellow the full line, then add a heaping spoon of mallow cream a dash of chocolate syrup and a table spoon of chocolate instant pudding mix blend then pour over ice. 

TO make this a blended Frappuccino version add all the ingredients except mallow cream blend then add heaping spoon of mallow cream and blend just a bit so you still get chunks of delish mellowness..(yup that is a word..mellowness)

Starbucks pink drink
white grape juice
coconut milk
freeze dried strawberries
crystal light strawberry lemonaid squeeze consintrate(or strawberry mio type of your choice)

To make this one you pour 2/3 a jar with white grape juice then add the rest with coconut milk  toss in a handful of freeze dried strawberries and a few sliced up fresh ones  I toss a tiny TINY squirt of a strawberry lemonaide crystal light liquid and screw a lid on the jar shake like crazy then pour over ice.
Green tea Frappuccino
matcha powder
vanilla instant pudding powder
To make blended fill up with ice pour milk over the add 1 to 11/2 T of matcha depending how strong you like your green tea flavor (I love the trader joes pictured here) then 1T of vanilla instant pudding mix and blend.  If you want a iced green tea latte then do same steps just don't add ice in the cup just blend then pour over ice after
If you don't know about matcha you should look it up because it is amazing for you tons of antioxidants and better for you then just green tea because you aren't just drinking the water it is steeped in but actually ingesting the leafs and it gives you a great even energy with out the crash.  It also is known to help aid in weight loss (though I doubt in Frappuccino form lol)

Here is a video tutorial on the Carmel ribbon crunch Frappuccino.
cold press coffee
cream. milk, creamer
butterscotch instant pudding mix
salted carmel syrup
heath crunch bits

Iced Nutella mocha

Cold pressed coffee
chocolate syrup
creamer ,milk what ever
hazelnut syrup
pour cold press over ice until mostly full add some kind of cream, milk and then chocolate syrup like you are making chocolate milk and then a splash of hazel nut syrup, mix and enjoy..

Oreo snowdrift.
cookies and cream instant pudding mix (or vanilla)
fill glass with ice pour milk enough to cover ice. add 1T pudding mix a few oreos and blend this is a fav drink of my kidlets from caribou coffee

I will be making more drinks and adding videos but mostly periscoping them my name on periscope is sweetaimee81.  Join me over there and on ig to get your coffee fix.  The fun thing about periscope is if you catch it live you can interact and ask questions and introduce yourself.  Well off to spoil the hubby for fathers day..Enjoy

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Favorite craft products

These are some of my favorite crafting products that I share all the time on my Instagram YouTube and periscope if you click on them it will take you to where you
can purchase any of the items please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions or if there's anything that you would like me to add to the list they are all on Amazon and I tried to get them all prime😘
Fiskars medium hexagon punch

Fiskars extra large hexagon punch

We R memory Keeper's tab punch

We R memory Keeper's envelope punch board

Full sheet shipping labels that I use to print my stickers

Gyro cut

Gyro cut replacement blades

Kuretake water brush

Kuretake watercolors 18 piece set

Tombow fude soft

Pentel touch sign

Pilot Varsity fountain pens multicolor pack

Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen in retro pop

Leuchtturm soft cover dot grid A5

Heidi swapp memory planner

Snap extra sheets I punch and use in my planner
This is my favorite glue for repositionable sticky notes I used a different one in the tutorial this is much easier and much cleaner

Gyro cut

Hey guys I wanted to take a quick minute and share one of my favorite tools it's so much easier less complicated  and less  expensive than a silhouette or many of the other cutters. I did a tips and tricks video on it awhile back I absolutely love it I've cut countless countless printable stickers with it I've cut lots of things for collages I absolutely love this tool you can pick one up here I also have a link in my sidebar