Thursday, March 31, 2011

mercury glass and yummy bars :)

Well my gel nails I got done a few weeks ago had ran their coarse and I had to remove them (pain in the booty) and repaint them last night. I did them french manicure (here is a tutorial on how to do nails like a pro) but I will have to fix them because I ruined them today making these..

fo mercury glass vases. I thought this was so cool when I saw it on Nate Burkis and had to try it.

So I went to the thrift shop today to find some interesting shaped vases and painted them :)

now the once plain glass vases look like mercury glass! here is a pic of them by my stainless steel kitchen stuff to show how they look silver :)

very pretty. I was thinking they might be a fun thing to bring to the craft fair too.

here is a frame I picked up and did a sort of mirror treatment in the middle. But the tape caught and ripped a bit off so that will have to be fixed :) But fun practice. picture a bunch of these of different shapes and sizes and other mirrors on a wall ..cute right:)

and when I had to get masking tape at the dollar store fire monster spent a dollar of her allowance on a purse. (a girl after my own heart lol)

Yesterday I promised to share if I made anything yummy. Well I made these

They are cookie bars with walnut coconut and chocolate chips!! YUM so yum. I love this. Super yum. Here is where I got the recipe . The family loved them ,all but fire monster who apparently doesn't like nuts all of a sudden lol. Hey that is fine by me because it means more for me lol. Well I have things to get knitting :)

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

doming and new kitchen goodies :)

So last post I mentioned learning to dome with my sister. I had to show you the little charm I made with her. It is too cute. Doming makes things go from flat to bowl shaped. (or dome shaped )

The gold one is what I did. I love it I don't know why lol. I recently read the hunger games series. I love it soo much and in them is a book called a mocking jay. It is sort of a symbol of the up rising in the books. My sister found and bought a mocking jay stamp. That is what is on it.

See the little mocking jay. I love this little gold charm soo much.

Also I was looking for something cute for the table. I found these circles at walmart for like 1.50 a piece

I figured that match my kitchen very well.

They are fun and bright and match the wall hangings I made very well. I have also been very busy knitting dishrags and washcloths

lots of dish rag/wash cloths

This is one of my favorite patterns it is fairly simple and very pretty and holds up well

it also looks very cute in solids or stripes.

I like it allot I guess lol.

another great ones for left over bits of yarn is tribble

makes a great scrubby or face pouf love it :) most of these will go for a craft fair my sister and me are going to be in late April but this one

will stay with me it is one of my all time fav patterns. Linoleum dish cloth by the lovely ladies at Mason Dixon knitting. It looks complicated but is easy and isn't fairisle but is easy looks beautiful and very scrubby and durable.

Well I have been having a huge problem deciding what to make to take to this craft fair. I have tons of things I love to make but I am not sure what will go and what won't soo I think dish cloths are a safe but and I am thinking maybe a few other things too we will have to see what I come up with . It is a small craft fair at my nieces school it will last for 5 hours and is only one day so we figure a good way to test the waters. :) I have lots to do before then though. :)

but for this moment I am going to get dressed and me and Fire monster are going to watch dead like me marathon and do some cleaning and baking :) I have lots to do. If anything fabulous happens or gets made I will share but in the mean time any one have bright ideas if you have seen anything on my blog you would love to buy at a craft fair if you happened upon it please let me know we have never done this before lol.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

crazy socks

As a knitter sometimes your knit gifts and hard work aren't appreciated. Well that is not the case with my nephew Calvin and his hand knit socks. He LOVES hand knit socks. He calls them his crazy socks and they are the ones he wears first as soon as they are clean. With having him for the last week I couldn't help but notice that a pair of his crazy socks were getting too small so I made him a deal. I would knit him a new pair if he would give up the pair that was too small and he was okay with that as long as they were going to fire monster :)

So we went through my patterns and picked one he liked and I had enough of the second skein of my happy feet sock yarn to make the big man a pair. I also took the time to make the Cat Bordhi foot print so that I don't have to guess (even though him and monkey butts feet are always pretty close)

The pattern is inlaid pennants. It has sort of triangles going back and forth. They were fast and fun and the big man loved them.

His mom (my big sis/fire monsters orange auntie as she calls her) came to get him and stayed for a few nights and there was lots of cool crafting she brought lots of jewelry and she left some of her stuff for sale at the yarn shop. She recently bought a doming block. and I got to try that I will have to show you mine next post :) Here is my favorite she did :)

It is a double viking weave necklace made out of different shades of pink wire and has this cool domed charm..

it says fight like a girl :) I also got to have my sister and mean down for one night and it was super nice to have them over and spend a bit of time and my brother in law for one night. Today it was just us and that was nice too. It was a pretty quiet day and I think after all the craziness I am going to curl up and hid in my house for a few days and enjoy being back on track and seeing as it is supposed to snow for the next few days I think it will be great. :) well I am off to bed with my hubby I hope you all had a great weekend and had as much fun with your family as I did. :)

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Friday, March 25, 2011

lemon drops and red hots

Six years ago I lost someone very dear to me. The person I stayed at least one night a week with.

The one who always had a jar of lemon heads and red hots on the back of her stove for tea. Who would make me cinnamon toast to dunk in our tea for breakfast. Who would save me and tell me the truth. The person who kept old fashioned mac and cheese in her freezer so that I could always have it for lunch if I swung over.

My grandma. She was 92 , brave, and always took care of me.

The one who when I called her 22 pregnant scared and alone she loved me and hoped it was a girl. Who loved my little girl and couldn't wait for us to come to show off her granddaughter.

Who loved these pics I took of us with my sister and my niece. She was sassy and bossy and set in her ways and I loved her soo much that I named my second daughter after her :) I miss you grandma but I think I made a grave mistake naming fire monster after you because she acts just like you lol.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

fo rainbow bright socks

I still have calvin and eating is always a adventure with him but yesterday I made what I call pizza grill cheeses for lunch and he loved them :) It is a cream cheese grill cheese I slice some cream cheese with a cheese slicer and add some turkey peperoni's and butter the bread and grill it. Serve it with some marinara on the side for dipping yum. There was no fussing here..
I also finished my rainbow bright socks..
I love these socks they fit great and are so fun.
But this will be a short one because I have teachers conferences for monkey butt today and my sisters are coming one today one tomorrow.
and not only them but Mean Taylor will be coming.
and you never know what will happen with Mean around :) I better get my chores done so I can enjoy my sis's and Mean
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bbq teriyaki noodles.

So I was watching good old Rachel ray and she was making this and I had the presence of mind to write down the recipe. :) (thank you dvr for having a pause button) It is supposed to be healthy so that you and the kiddos don't need to get some unhealthy take out. I ran out to the store to get the couple things I was missing and whipped it up. Omg it is delish and so fast and easy :) and pretty healthy.

here's the recipe:




1 pound whole wheat spaghetti

The sauce :

1c ketchup

1/2 c beef stalk

1/2 c low sodium teriyaki sauce

1/4 c honey

bit of fresh gound black pepper

( I added a few table spoons of brown sugar)

3/4 to 1 pound of steak or chicken (toss in fridge for a minute to be easier to cut up)

set water on stove to boil in large pot and salt

You start by making the sauce you mix all the sauce ingredient together in a sauce pan and cook it over med heat about 25 minutes while you do everything else.

cut up the meat thinly

when water is boiling toss in broccoli and edamami for a minute so it still has a snap to it then take out and give cool bath to stop cooking. Then toss noodles in the boiling water.

stir fry the meat over high heat when it is done add together the noodles sauce veggies and meat. This was a huge hit tonight every one ate it and you can easily scoop less veggies for the non veggie eaters and less meat for the meat haters. Every one ate and no one complained :) always a plus. This is going into the rotation :)

30 and flirty and fabulous

Well It is here I am the big 30 and I am determined to go into 30 with class and enjoy all the great things the flirty 30s have to offer.

I feel like things have been on a up swing and that things are going my way and I am going to enjoy it. :)I have just got to a point in my life where I enjoy who I am and I am comfortable in my body and I love this time in my life for the most part. So I spent the day before my bday baking and cooking and the day of relaxing . I made..

super yummy red velvet cake balls again. (instead of cake) and when I went to knit group brought some of those to share with the lovely ladies :) and I had to show you the beautiful tulips the hubby surprised me with the other day. :)

I normally only do fake because I had no green thumb what so ever.

and he is aware of the fact that Daisys are my fav. but there wasn't any so...

he also knew tulips were a big thing with me and my dad. We planted some when I was a kid together and he would call me every year when they were coming up and say your tulips are blooming :)

My mom still sends me pics:) Well I have lots to catch up on still from slacking yesterday and I am working on some "crazy socks" as Calvin calls them to replace some that are getting too small for him :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

birthday weekend day 2 girls night

So after we FINALLY found ice got some water went to sleep. We woke up paid for breakfast in the lobby hit the hot tub quick and went to lunch with the whole family to celebrate (it is my big bros bday in the 17th)
He wore his normal Fancy attire hat and all lol..
then us ladies separated from the herd and went to get manicures and pedicure at shiny nails burnsville which were phenomenal !!! And then went up to the hotel to get dressed up and have a glass of wine before dinner.
Here is my lovely sister in law who looked like a flasher since her dress was shorter then her coat lol
here we are all ready go head out
and here are me and my big sisters
Here is me and my sis/ex neighbor miss. Love her soo much and miss her and her kiddos to pieces. :(
We all went over to old spaghetti factory for dinner which is a sentimental thing for me my grandma used to take us as kids and I also had my first official date with my hubby here. but this time I had the honor of being joined by a few of the knit gurus!!!
this is the lovely Jean Lynn and val. They are the amazing ladies who taught me everything I know and have seen me through trials and tribulations. :)
we are and talked and share and mingled it was great.
I changed just before we left to my citron and strapless dress. We stayed for hours then went back to the hotel at which time there was a incident in which a elderly woman's adult movie was ordered and imidiatly the brave Miss called down to fix it but I still had to make them take it off my bill in the morning (I swear I meant to hit menu YIKES) and although I said no gifts I was given a few I had to share
my sis made me this great hand stamped bracelet and viking weaved it her self. (she is amazing people here's her etsy if you want your own I LOVE mine )
Mrs Val gave me a sock book that I will make good use of and Mrs Lynn gave me sock yarn I can't wait to try
Miss gave me a wine glass I have put to use soo much already lol
Mrs jean gave me stunning cute and class gold earrings I am in love with
and Mrs Lynn also added to my milk glass collection and some great vintage needles. Then my hubby went to get some meds and brought me home tulips! My heart and life are soo full right now I can't imagine it being better. I am amazed at how lucky I am to have such great people in my life!! My cup over flowith (and not just my wine glass)
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