Thursday, March 31, 2011

mercury glass and yummy bars :)

Well my gel nails I got done a few weeks ago had ran their coarse and I had to remove them (pain in the booty) and repaint them last night. I did them french manicure (here is a tutorial on how to do nails like a pro) but I will have to fix them because I ruined them today making these..

fo mercury glass vases. I thought this was so cool when I saw it on Nate Burkis and had to try it.

So I went to the thrift shop today to find some interesting shaped vases and painted them :)

now the once plain glass vases look like mercury glass! here is a pic of them by my stainless steel kitchen stuff to show how they look silver :)

very pretty. I was thinking they might be a fun thing to bring to the craft fair too.

here is a frame I picked up and did a sort of mirror treatment in the middle. But the tape caught and ripped a bit off so that will have to be fixed :) But fun practice. picture a bunch of these of different shapes and sizes and other mirrors on a wall ..cute right:)

and when I had to get masking tape at the dollar store fire monster spent a dollar of her allowance on a purse. (a girl after my own heart lol)

Yesterday I promised to share if I made anything yummy. Well I made these

They are cookie bars with walnut coconut and chocolate chips!! YUM so yum. I love this. Super yum. Here is where I got the recipe . The family loved them ,all but fire monster who apparently doesn't like nuts all of a sudden lol. Hey that is fine by me because it means more for me lol. Well I have things to get knitting :)

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