Tuesday, March 16, 2010

busy busy busy

So back to single parent (well for two days a week)
So I have been busy around here. I am trying to do a bit of extra cleaning and the hubby is working 6:30a.m. until 10:00p.m. on Monday and Tuesdays. So I have been working over time too. I got lots of cleaning done yesterday. I busted my hump all afternoon and while I was scrubbing showers and tubs and vacuuming blinds fire monster emptied all her clothes out of her drawers and all the movies from her cupboard (twice) yesterday!!! I did work out yesterday and this was dinner. It is one of my stock easy low calorie easy cheap meal. Everyone eats it too, which some times seems like a miracle.
I usually use whole wheat penne, one bottle of spaghetti sauce (this was hunts canned not as good as my usual classico but it was less calories so I thought it would give it a shot but the olive and mushroom classico is great) I cook the noodles drain mix with one bottle of sauce and then cover with 3 cups of cheese and sprinkle with pasta sprinkle from penzeys (Italian seasoning) and bake at 400 until the cheese melts. Easy cheap healthy and good. 1/6th of the dish is 6 points.
I got woke up by fire monster this morning at 6:00a.m. She doesn't do well with out daddy around. I told her to get back in bed she said"NO I am going to see my daddy!!" So I let her and that was it no more sleep for me. I got to close my eyes for a little bit because I ran out to get The Princess and the Frog from redbox. I was hoping it would buy me a bit of a nap but nothing solid. So the rest of the day on 5 hours sleep. I am used to my girls getting up at 9:00 So I typically stay up getting stuff done I want to do and with Ben working both jobs on these days I pack his lunch and set up coffee for the morning and what not, half the time I even work out once I get them in bed So I look forward for that time. I didn't get as much done today as I would have liked not a whole ton of extra cleaning and I did bake and get a bit of knitting though. I am almost done and will be working on the sleeves soon but I am not sure I am going to be able to wear it on Saturday. It just goes soo slow some times.
Dinner today was a bit more tricky the girls wanted ramen noodles. I just didn't have it in me So I cheated. I used shirataki noodles and pulled the good old Folgers switch on them. Shirataki noodles are 0 points and they are made of tofu they look like Spaghetti or ramen. You find them in the veggie section of the grocery store by the tofu. I rinse them for one minute(while plugging my nose because they stink at first) Then I toss them in a bowl with water and cook them in the microwave for two minutes I drain them and make them how ever I want then. I have made stir fry and a few other things with it.
So the way I cooked them today was what we call Rachel Ray Ramen. She was saying how bad ramen is for you and to cook it in broth and add a beat egg to make it like egg drop soup. So that is how we did it this time. We cooked the noodles with chicken broth and when it was boiling I added two beat eggs. The girls chowed and had no idea. Fire monster ate 3 bowls!!! Wow huh. I could barley tell the difference.

Then I wanted to make some sort of treat for the girls but I didn't want to have to go to the grocery store and I wanted it to be some what healthy so I was searching sparkpeople.coms recipe base. I found funfetti cookies. I made those and they are two points. You just take a cake mix add 1/3 c canola oil. and 2 egg whites. make into inch balls smoosh a bit and then bake at 375 for 8 minutes. They were okay but I would like a bit more cookie for my points. I am sure I could do bit better with more options but it worked.

This was the finished product. I hadn't read the part about smooshing them yet so they were a bit puffy and gooey in the middle. Defiantly smoosh. Other then that I am barley getting to sit down and monkey butt is sitting beside me coughing her head off. I am not sure she is going to make it to school. And I am very much in need of sleep after this morning. I am going to try some different cookies tomorrow and I have a delish sounding recipe for my knitting birthday party on Saturday. I am very excited for that and very excited to know my hubby will be home for the evening tomorrow. That will be great. :)

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  1. Your blog looks great!
    Wanted you to know your package went to the post today.
    Happy knitting!