Monday, March 22, 2010

Reasons I love my life today...

I am feeling pretty darn blessed today and enjoying my birthday. These are some of the reasons why..

Diet soda and chocolate cake. (yeah I know lol I am one of those people but the chocolate cake is a splurge it is usually just diet soda) I love love love this Guinness chocolate cake it is only getting better it is rich and thick (but not overly sweet) It is almost like cheese cake

Delicious malabrigo yarn. YUM YUM YUM

The fact that I am done with the body of juliana and just knitting the sleeves which are almost done. :)

Fire monster has been a good girl today and who wouldn't have a brighter day with that smile...

watching monkey butt read books to her self all on her own that she has never read before. She is too smart :)

The stack of great little treasures my knitters and monkey butt brought me :) Coffee in the new blue mug was awesome this morning a new fav...

and this one is a doozie My hubby. I love him soo much. I am going to miss him today but I am very thankful for the fact that he is working hard for us. He is such a great guy handsome sweet thoughtful and I am soo in love with him its crazy. Yesterday night I sent him to the store to grab diapers after I threw dinner in the oven and since it is less then a mile away I figured by the time he got back I would be able to pull dinner out. well a while later I realize the cheese on top was very VERY dark and he was still gone. What the heck was taking him so long he only needed diapers!!! Well about the time he walked in the door and I was dishing every one and complaining that he took so long he gave me this...This is huge because for one it is adorable and matches very well for two I wasn't expecting anything because money is tight and my party was my present. and for three

He took time to find this book. He talked to me about it early in the weekend and found it with out me being any the wiser...

He knows the way to my heart lol (nothing like a vampire hunter and a severed head on my birthday My heart is all a flutter)

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    Wow - your hubby sure is a keeper (although I wonder about you getting all fluttery over severed heads and vampires.....)

    Hope you have a wonderful evening to go with a day that sounds like it's just about perfect....