Monday, March 15, 2010

something is seriously wrong with me...

-I must have some sort of syndrome-

This is monkey butt curled up with the blanky my grandma (whom I miss all the time and love more then you can ever know it is actually who fire monster is named after) made me. She was not feeling well today and was sorta just chilling out. Very unmonkey butt. It was a crazy day My niece went home and I cleaned until probably about 4:00 started some spring cleaning.
Then it was a beautiful day so we took the girls to the park and I came home fed everyone and cleaned more.

Now the reason I think that I must have some sort of syndrome is because my brain doesn't register things properly some times which leaves me biting off more then I can chew quiet often. Case in point: Over the last week since I found out my hubby was going to start back to work on the 15th I have been sorta trying to get organised and make it so things are going to be easier for all of us with him working so many hours. I saw some cool spring cleaning year round thingies on line. The concept is a bunch of cards with chores you wouldn't typically do and you do them. So I thought I can throw one of those together. Well...Here I am up at 1:00 a.m. just finishing up.
I started by making a list of chores I got from my queen for all seasons book and got tons of chores I need to do more often. I took a old photo album cut out tons of little cards to fit it and made them at least a bit cute they will need more cute-if-ying later. Then cute-if-ied the outside. I also wanted it to stand so I made a ribbon I can either tie it shut or tie it open to make it stand. I put the cards in so that I can flip like a calender and the turn it and flip the other direction. I will do one card each day. and it will keep my house clean and tidy.

This picture is one side of the album
Here is the other side..

Here is what it looks like when it is tied so it stands. Like I said the cards need more cute-if-ying. I will work on that but the concept is figured out. Now I need to go crawl into bed with my hard working hubby who no doubt is wondering where I am at this hour lol. Hope you guys are having a good weekend

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