Monday, March 1, 2010


So I did wade through the mountains for laundry. I got it all folded hung and put away. I got it all done. I also got my work out done (half hour cardio Monday). I also for got to mention yesterday the weight loss total for last week one pound. Not bad considering the fact that I wasn't fallowing to the letter of the law and I didn't work out so much as a day. I figured out today that my birthday is exactly three weeks away from today and I have a goal for it. I want to lose 6 pounds by then. That will put me at my weight I was at my wedding (and hopefully back in my favorite old pair of jeans...fingers crossed) So yeah I really would like this to happen but we will see about that lol. I am off to a great start today though I worked out and stayed with in my points.
I knit away the afternoon while watching Little Shop Of Horrors with monkey butt (her choice she is so weird sometimes lol). I haven't watched it since I was a kid. I used to love to watch it at my aunt Annie's lol. I also knit through my favorite new show life unexpected. I love it. It is cute. It is on Monday nights cw at 7c 8 everyone else time lol. I linked to the on line streaming place where you can watch it if you haven't. Here is the results after little shop of horrors I am a bit further now. It is still coming along quiet well. I hope this looks cute maybe I can have this done to wear out for a birthday dinner??

So here is the story with my hanami. I am really sorta pissed I didn't read directions (I suck at reading directions) I didn't tag my project correctly and I didn't get so much as a fake metal. I busted my hump!! We are talking hundreds of beads carefully place on there, every stitch in place it is perfect and lovely in every way I was sure It would be a winner!!! Nothing not even a mention and it was all my fault. I am just shell shocked and a bit heart broken. So we are going to change the subject now and I hope to never talk about it again.
yummy yummy

This is spinach lasagna rolls I made for lunch. They are 4 ww points each and I got the recipe from ginas ww recipes. They were great every single person in the family ate them all up. It made 9 which I cooked in two smaller baking Pyrex pans and stored one in the fridge for lunch for tomorrow. I can't wait yum. If there was any thing I would change it would be 1 I forgot to put cheese on top before baking it 2 more seasonings in the filling. Other then that perfecto and easy. I am have not had luck making lasagna in the past and even less luck not over eating it lol. This was a great way to curb both. :) Well I am going to go drown my disappointment that castle wasn't on in a dark chocolate mousse cup and down load a new book for my ipod since I have a bit less then a hour left on undead and unpopular.

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