Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fo Juliana

Okay so I finished Juliana today. It is very nice. I love how soft and cozy it is and all the different ways I can wear it. I went with s.s. sleeves with a picot edge. I thought it was more delicate and matched the look of the pattern better then the two by two ribbing it called for. I also opted for 3/4 sleeves. I am very happy with it and very happy it is over lol. I am not so happy with the pics of it but that it what happens since it is Tuesday and I am on my own with out the hubby (unless I want to let the 6 year old take the pics ...nope not really)

Here is how it looks when it is wrapped and pinned in the back...

Here is tied in the front (allot like what I saw the detective on castle wore last night)

Here is kinda twisted in the front and then tied in the back very cute also...
as you can see lots of styles I will get lots of cute outfits out of this one

and the last very exciting thing of the day is that I got a package from Lynn at fiddlesticks. I am very excited about willing this. (the goat ate a big bite out of the candle shortly after this pic was taken btw) I will have to let you know what I do with all the yummy yarn :)
Well I have had killer allergy headache all day and am going to call it quits early :)

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