Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So I am feeling a bit better and the potty training is going a bit worse. I seem to recall the second day being harder with monkey butt too so I am trying not to sweat it too bad. She had three accidents today all after two in the afternoon. She was accident free all morning.

Then the hubby came home and I made this for dinner it is whole wheat spaghetti noodles, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, and chicken in a white wine sauce. It was very good I don't know the ww point value for it

Then I made this for dessert. I cut the strawberries tossed them with a artificial sweetener made the biscuits with Bisquick heart healthy mix and water instead of milk and cool whip free. It totals at 3 points for this large bowl nummmmmy .

I snuck this picture of the hubby off to do his jujitsu class. He just looked too cute like a little boy getting ready for his first karate class or something it was very cute.
here is the progress on my leaf t. None of the progress was made today though because I was doing potty breaks every 30 minutes and cleaning up potty, Fighting with monkey butt over what is okay to wear to school in 50 degree weather and trying to get my house back in order after a few sick days. I was very very upset earlier because fire monster was in her mid afternoon snit she gets in because she doesn't nap anymore. She was yelling at me about something and kicked the cup I had full of cherry limeade crystal light (trying to keep hydration up) and it went all over our tan chair that isn't stain treated the light beige carpet a basket stored under it with diapers and yarn I am working on my project with right now!!!

I am very upset I tried to get it out the best I could but alas I am doomed my poor shirt is stained before it is ever even made!!! must be a record. Well I am going to pop a few Advil and make every one hit the hay early after this exhausting day. Hope every one is having a great day.

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  1. Oooh. So sorry to hear you had a rough day - and the staining of your yarn!

    Sending some hugs your way.....