Thursday, February 24, 2011

rough week lol

So this week has been lots of ups and downs so far. I had a big up because since my purse I bought black Friday got a huge hole in the lining that ate all of my lip glosses pens and pretty much anything else I was looking for I decided it was time to treat my self and I spent some of my hard earned etsy pay pal $s on this...

It is sooo stinkin cute and great. I am soo in love with it. I looked very carefully before i purchased. It had to fit what I happened to have on pay pal that day $s wise and I wanted it to be from the U.S. and cute with pockets inside. I finally decided on this shop from modiva on etsy. This is washable and the handles are super Strong. I ordered it last Friday and I was shocked when it came right away Tuesday morning!! I love it soo much. Definitely recommend the shop and will buy from there again. Other then that I have got a sore from knitting too much on my citron lol.

It is going to just eat straight through my finger if I don't keep a band aide on. So there is the good but the not so great parts of this week are.

1. My hubby's first day at work was during huge snow fall and he got his work car stuck so he took mine and got that stuck he had to be pushed out by a sheriff and a few other guys. It took him a hour to make the 5 minute drive! He got there finally and fell on his butt in front of everyone first thing!! He made it okay until after lunch when someone was showing him the lab he all of a sudden threw up. He totally got the stomach flu and had to leave work a half hour early. He came home and was just grey and throwing up. I helped him get his jamas on and get in bed just in time for the land lord to call and tell him he had to move his stuck work car!! Well we went out in the bitter cold to do that (after he threw up a bunch more) . He had to miss day two of work!! Then the next night at 2 a.m. Fire monster came down and made it to our bed just in time to throw up on MY pillow. She threw up every 5 minutes for a 4 hours!! She finally fell asleep on the couch napped for a few hours then woke up sat up and said "I feel better" and went back to being annoying as every lol.

but she still isn't 100% and it shows every now and again.

But to end on a great news there has been a huge new addition in our house hold... it has been a long time and after considering everything with the move and job and more income and what not we put allot of thought in and it has been nearly 4 years after all...well that's right people I got the okay!!! We have cable again!!! You don't know how happy I am I am glowing. It is like I have a new best friend I watched cake boss and dog the bounty hunter and a new fav storage wars. (who knew) I get all my favorite channels including bbc. (love how clean is your house and being human ) I have dvr my life is complete. :) I am off to watch more amazing things who knows what else is out there. I have been out of the cable world for soo long what are your favorite shows?? what are you watching?

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

another sunday snow storm cozy inside

Today in my part of Minnesota we are due for some where between 12 and 20 inches of snow. I looks like this out side my window right now..
So being the smart woman that I am I am keeping my self busy hauled up inside my new little home. I already mopped last night and spent the morning scrubbing blinds (that I don't believe have ever been washed ) up stairs and now I am doing things I enjoy like reading this..
Some of you may have heard of Ree Drummond (the pioneer woman) she has a fabulous blog where she shares on all kinds of topics like photography, home schooling, cooking, and just life in general. Well she has one blog where she told the story of how her and her husband met fell in love and got married she calls it black heels to tractor wheels. Well it came out in book for in Feb. so I had to order it and have been reading it when I have spare moments ever since. Now one thing I love about Rees books in they are beautiful all the way through. I hate the paper covers and always take them off. look how cute it is with out :)
then inside she has flowers all over the pages. She is just too cute and I love the story of her and Marlboro Man. I recommend this book to just about any woman. :) It is funny sweet and will make you love her and Marlboro Man for sure.
Besides that I am working on my new project Citron. I am loving it.
I think I am going to make it longer and with more ruffle :) I got allot of knitting done while me made a run up to the cities on Friday (nice 6 hours in the car)
Now I will share a bit more of the new house details with you. Since we claimed the down stairs living room as our master suite we don't have a closet so we have to share it with the laundry area.
which will work okay once I get it all adjusted we just store our not regularly worn things in the spare bedroom closet up stairs.
This is how it looks I have my shoe rack and that door opens to our room.
another weird thing we noticed which will work great for drying my hand knits is this..
there is a laundry line that runs down our bathroom hall lol. Weird but I am a person who has allot of clothes I prefer not machine dried so this will work great for me. How my hubby will like having to fight through the jungle of laundry to get to our bathroom has yet to be seen but it hasn't been complained about yet. Well I am going to curl up on my heating pad and watch some netflix in my girl cave and do some other things before I cook dinner (twice baked potatoes and Marlboro Mans second favorite sandwich both from pioneer woman). We have to enjoy one last lazy day before my hubby starts his new job tomorrow. :)
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

things are coming around :)

So I made a trip to the local yarn shop here the other day. It wasn't as nice as knitters palette but at least I have something to work with and for that I am thankful lol. I got a few little treats...

Some berroco vintage in this great purplie raspberry color. I am not sure what I will do with it but I am excited. :)

2 skeins of malabrigo lace in amarosa. Love me some malabrigo lace mmmm...

I also got new glasses I figured it was about time to get the eyes checked again since it has only been 7 years!!! They came in the mail yesterday..

They are only for reading and I look like quiet the geek but it is amazing the difference they make. And I have been reading every chance I get I am reading black heels to tractor wheels (love it ) but I have still been super busy with the house. I thought I wouldshare a bit more :)

This is the view of the living room from the stairs..

My hubby in the kitchen tidying it up :)

this is what the rest of the kitchen looks like from the living room.

now these next few are the progress on my giant master suite.

here is as you come down the stairs. Not ignore the pile for boxes we have to get rid of and remember we have a giant king size bed ..

We still have a giant area at the other side of the room which we will eventually make into a nook for the hubby.

here is from the bottom

and the view from the bed. the girl cave is to the left and if you take a right at the bottom of the stairs there is a hall to the laundry and our bathroom.

We are still working it is the last room to get settled. but we had to take a trip to the laundry mat. I was excited because for one I am sorta a weirdo and have always had a weird obsession with laundry mats. Maybe it is my hatred of doing laundry that makes getting it all done is a quick 2 hours appealing or maybe it is that I love the smell sooo much or both but this one has extra exciting because it also was a coffee shop!!!

So we grabbed a drink (my skim part sf vanilla part sf Carmel latte was good ) and got it over with.

it was clean had a few toys for the kiddos but fire monster did have to be removed (like always) and we finished up it cost almost 20$ just for the washer part and I probably spent about 30 for soo between the 2!!! but it is done and hopefully our drier is here soon . Other then that was a pretty boring morning sat around and read most of it:) Well we have to head back up to the city tomorrow to get the tinsy bit of stuff we have left at the old place. :) I will catch you later :)

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

projectg for the day wall art

Okay so the project for today was wall art. I was sick of the empty walls now that things are starting to fall into place I needed to do something about the calls. I had seen these on thats so cuegly and thought it was the perfect solution. I went to the fabric store here in town and asked for some big bold prints and after trying to really convince the woman who worked there that I did not want a floral print lol I found these gems. .

this one I love the browns and pear color and light blue it is great

this one is perfect to tie in the other blue and to add some of the blue from my chairs I refurbished. :)

this was for my girl cave ( I have a thing for dandelions)

this one is browns and pinks I loved it.

I thought this would go great in fire monsters room and match well with the stickers I put up yesterday.

this one too was great for her room

monkey butt picked out this dark brown

and I steered her toward this bold red (matched well with her new red accents)

then we swung by the dollar store for some frames and low and behold they had foam board so I grabbed 5 and a exacto knife and went to work. My hubby cut (because I couldn't cut straight to save my life) and I worked the hot glue gun. and here is the end result.

this is my dining room above my kitchen table

I put a few through out the living room

thought it would help tie things in a bit

Here is monkey butts room

and fire monsters and while at the dollar store I found these lol

I couldn't get a good pic sorry it is above her bed and says "once upon a time there was a princess..." and there are stars all over. It was too cute.

and last but not least the girl cave. :) Today was also monkey butts first day at her new school. Things went well her teacher and the school all seem very nice and she made two new Friends. :) I know she will do great she is a great kiddo. Well I am off to get another massage from my sweet hubby and maybe lay on my heating pad I still really can't move. :( Well I will show more progress tomorrow. :)

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more move stories

So we had tons to do before the move and one thing was get my hubbies and my eyes checked while we still were covered for vision. Lol I got the optical image taken instead of dilation which was probably better because it turns out I have a freckle INSIDE my eye (weird i know lol) but my hubby chose dilation lol so he spent allot of that day like this lol

hiding behind my shades out of desperation lol then we had taken the girls to stay in a hotel that night and swim. They were soo good and I am super glad we did we all needed the break and with all our stuff packed it was a stellar choice.

I got to wear a new swim suit for the first time since my breast reduction and it was sooo weird because me and fire monster were on the lazy river on the second day and it hit me.. no one is staring at me!!! I haven't got any dirty looks no one is staring at me and I haven't been self conscious the whole time!!!! It was soo freeing and felt great. I used to get stairs and some times even dirty looks like it was my choice to have big breasts lol. But it was soo great.

In between packing eye appointments and hotel I made these. Cake balls they are super yummy

I got the recipe here. Calvin calls them cake bombs and loved them.

we all ate soo many cake bombs during the move lol. But that is okay because we needed all the sugar we could get for this..

the most boring drive ever it looks like this basically the whole 2.5 hours.

Here are some more glimpses at the house so far. Here is monkey buts room with her new bed and table and bedside table. she unpacked and had her room decorated and tidy right away.

she is too cute.

all her clothes are folded and put away or hung up

here is fire monsters room. She will sleep on top bunk now.

it shows her art desk and the vinyl decorations on her wall

her closet not as tidy but hey I tried lol. She is very cute and loves her new room too.

Well off to bed (for real this time lol) night every one

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