Thursday, February 24, 2011

rough week lol

So this week has been lots of ups and downs so far. I had a big up because since my purse I bought black Friday got a huge hole in the lining that ate all of my lip glosses pens and pretty much anything else I was looking for I decided it was time to treat my self and I spent some of my hard earned etsy pay pal $s on this...

It is sooo stinkin cute and great. I am soo in love with it. I looked very carefully before i purchased. It had to fit what I happened to have on pay pal that day $s wise and I wanted it to be from the U.S. and cute with pockets inside. I finally decided on this shop from modiva on etsy. This is washable and the handles are super Strong. I ordered it last Friday and I was shocked when it came right away Tuesday morning!! I love it soo much. Definitely recommend the shop and will buy from there again. Other then that I have got a sore from knitting too much on my citron lol.

It is going to just eat straight through my finger if I don't keep a band aide on. So there is the good but the not so great parts of this week are.

1. My hubby's first day at work was during huge snow fall and he got his work car stuck so he took mine and got that stuck he had to be pushed out by a sheriff and a few other guys. It took him a hour to make the 5 minute drive! He got there finally and fell on his butt in front of everyone first thing!! He made it okay until after lunch when someone was showing him the lab he all of a sudden threw up. He totally got the stomach flu and had to leave work a half hour early. He came home and was just grey and throwing up. I helped him get his jamas on and get in bed just in time for the land lord to call and tell him he had to move his stuck work car!! Well we went out in the bitter cold to do that (after he threw up a bunch more) . He had to miss day two of work!! Then the next night at 2 a.m. Fire monster came down and made it to our bed just in time to throw up on MY pillow. She threw up every 5 minutes for a 4 hours!! She finally fell asleep on the couch napped for a few hours then woke up sat up and said "I feel better" and went back to being annoying as every lol.

but she still isn't 100% and it shows every now and again.

But to end on a great news there has been a huge new addition in our house hold... it has been a long time and after considering everything with the move and job and more income and what not we put allot of thought in and it has been nearly 4 years after all...well that's right people I got the okay!!! We have cable again!!! You don't know how happy I am I am glowing. It is like I have a new best friend I watched cake boss and dog the bounty hunter and a new fav storage wars. (who knew) I get all my favorite channels including bbc. (love how clean is your house and being human ) I have dvr my life is complete. :) I am off to watch more amazing things who knows what else is out there. I have been out of the cable world for soo long what are your favorite shows?? what are you watching?

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