Thursday, April 8, 2010

the heart break of hereditary illness's

So today started out at a bit before 6:00 a.m. I was awoken by fire monster crying because her daddy wasn't in bed with us anymore. But I quickly realized once she calmed down that she sounded like she swallowed a rubber ducky her throat was making I high pitched squeak (I made sure it wasn't her nose by plugging it) She couldn't get comfy because she couldn't breath So I took her gave her Zyrtec benadryl and nose spray and aspirated her and sat in a bathroom with the shower running hot to make it good and steamy nothing made the squeak go away. So then I gave her tea with honey and lemon that got the squeak to lessen but you could still hear her wheezing from across the room. with quick call to my sister in law she came over and gave her a neb she sounded way better but if you but your ear to her chest she still was wheezy. So we had to take her into the Dr and since we are one of the millions of family's with out insurance that means high costs but what do you do she's my baby.

So we took her in she has asthma. Which I had as a kid I did too and it is soo sad to watch her struggling for breath and coughing and wheezing. So here she is taking her "dinosaur meds". My poor baby. Breaks my heart. She has that a steroid and two allergy meds!!! Poor baby. but hopefully she feels better.

For god sake this is what my kitchen counter looks like now. These are all our meds between me the hubby and fire monster. What a mess we are. potty training is going good by the way afternoon very well. I am soo exhausted between the nebing, potty, kindergarten, cooking, Dr's appointments, cleaning and not enough sleep not to mention the hubby is not only working his normal 72 hours this week but OVERTIME and I have two hair cuts and foils tomorrow. I am ready for bed lol. Thank good for girl Friends. My sister in law who we are going to pretend that I have never had a bad thought about in my life since she saved both me and my baby fire monsters butts this week she is a savior and I have a girlfriend coming over tomorrow night for a few glass's of wine after a rough week.
Well ladies off to put two girls to bed and knit my self into a sound slumber...oh wait first I have to set up the hubby's lunch and coffee for tomorrow since he wont be home until 11:00 and will have to be up at 5:00 yuck...
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  1. Oh, Aimee! I hope the meds kick in soon and fire monster is better. Get some sleep - and have your knitting at hand to calm you! :)