Saturday, October 23, 2010

raspberries and cream scarf / carmel corn

So today I have two different things to share with you. First a bit of knitting I whipped up last night. I figured since a good 7-9 months out of the year we live in a god forsaken Arctic tundra that even the toughest polar bears and penguins would desert that fire monster would need something cozy to tuck her little mitts into on the way to the bus stop for her sis or headed in and out of stores. So I here she is..

I knit her up a quick 1x1 ribbing scarf and sewed up the ends to make pockets for her hands :)
Since it is going to have to be super washable for her booty and not worth putting a ton of $ into seeing as kids lose winter stuff more often then not I used cheapy lion hand spun. :) now on to the the delish Carmel corn..

Ingredients. 1c brown sugar, 1/4 light corn syrup, 1 stick butter, 1t baking soda ,15 c popcorn and one big roasting pan (sprayed with non stick spray) and foil.

Preheat your over to 200
pop 15 c popcorn not the bag kind full of Delicious chemicals but air popped popcorn make sure and get all the kernels out because no one wants a trip to the dentist,

put it into the big roasting pan and set aside

melt butter, brown sugar, and corn syrup over medium heat like this

It will start to bubble around the edge set the timer to 5 minutes let it cook unstirred for that time

It will look like this remove it from the heat and throw in the baking soda and stir it will look like this

all frothy and foaming

mix it into the pan and stir all over then throw in the oven set the timer for 15 minutes stir making sure to get to the bottom cook 15 more minutes while it is cooking spread foil out on counter and spray with non stick spray when time is up pour out onto counter and break up as going let cool this way..

chow down it is soo much better then the store bought

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  1. I LOVE caramel's dumb of me, but I never thought of getting one of those big foil pans to make it in...I'm always using my cookies sheets and the pop corn ends up everywhere that way.
    And I LOVE that scarf idea! It makes me want to learn to knit! I have to pass this post onto a friend that DOES.