Monday, October 18, 2010

So Sunday the boys were off to the game, and my sis and I were headed to shop quick when monkey butts dad called for insurance info. The poor chicky fell off the monkey bars and her body landed on her arm. So he took her in they said green stick break put her in a splint and sent her home. We spoiled her and took care of her look at this poor sad baby...

She was a trouper. Today she was hurting more. I called around for a ortho specialist. Got one headed the 40 minute drive to get her x-rays then the 40 back up to the Doctors. They said she has two broken bones in her wrist. So they took the splint off..

She already had a bruise that went all the way around her little arm..

Then the nurse (who rocked I might add) came in to give monkey butt her choice of casts. She chose dark blue and I chose to get the water-proof gortex cast. The nurse even put glitter on her cast so the sparkles would bond to it as it dried!!

So here she is all set until we go in 10 days from then to check the progress and fit of the cast. :)Sorry so little knitting but I am hoping to have some great stuff to show soon :) Maybe since you have been so patient I will share my new pretzel or Carmel popcorn recipe :) but for now I am exhausted good night every body

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  1. What a bummer! I hope monkey butt feels better very soon. :) Sure looks like she's been very brave through all this.