Thursday, October 14, 2010

good juju

So in my absence from you lovely people I have been working on a few different thing. One of the things is for my sweet hubby. Now I know not everyone who reads this is from the Arctic tundra of Minnesota like me but if you have seen the movie new in town you might know the scene where the vikings are playing. Well that is my hubby he bleeds purple and gold. This alas has not been a good year for that so far as we are 1-3 and the fact that the whole last game. and now the whole Favre mess... So I whipped these up for my hubby.
good juju socks. They are knit full of good juju to help the vikes out. I flew through these surprisingly fast seeing as I was knitting two at a time and stripping as I went which means that I had 4 skeins to untangle all the time.
I am really hoping they bring him some luck since he will be at the game Sunday with all the brothers/brother in laws. :) another fire in the iron is this...

I am working on the rug made from t-shirts. It is pretty cute so far I got more shirts today to work on it. :) and I made these..

and put them up on my etsy today you can purchase them here and check out my other goodies I have going on. Well I am going to snuggle my fire monster and finish up our movie night we are having. :) Night everybody

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