Monday, March 18, 2013

f.o. baby blanket/ banana bread

I am finished with the baby blanket!!  It turned out beautiful and is bigger then I thought it would be.  I love it and am so glad I chose this pattern and color for my little pumpkin.

I worked on it on the road trip to the twin cities this weekend.  Then I knit the last few rows and bound off today.
I know I was going to blog about my trip to celebrate my birthday with the family but as it often happens with my family chaos took over and nothing went smooth lol.  We went to dinner at old spaghetti factory and even though they said if we did a call ahead we would be moving up the list we still waited a hour for a table and the parking pay thing at the ramp didn't work!  The next day was mall of America to try to find a maternity swim suit and maternity underwear.  That was completely not as planned for one thing my brother tagged along!  Soooo that was awkward and made me cranky!  Def.  Kicked my pregnancy rage in over drive.  (didn't find a swim suit btw)

 Then we went for pedicures... that was a disaster lol.  The water our feet was soaking in was freezing cold, my massage chair didn't work, and the guy didn't scrub my feet which I am a dry heal girl and that is what this pregnant mama needed, but will now be doing that my self. My poor sister had the trainee.  I don't think she was licensed!  They had to keep telling her what to do in Chinese and she burned my sister when she was rinsing her legs (to get the scrub off that we all agreed had to have been made of broken glass lol) My guy screamed at her and reached over and shut off her water.  Then when she went to do the rock massage it was soo hot she literally got burned on the leg.  There was still marks the next day on her leg! Even the driers at the end to dry your nails were cold.  It was pretty much a cold miserable experience and didn't get at all what we hoped for! 

We went to dinner for my brothers birthday after that at one of our family favorite restaurants and even that took 2 and half hours!  It just wasn't out weekend lol  To top it all off fire monster got a heck of a cold and was miserable there and now I have the cold.   Blah so there is our crazy weekend.  It was great spending time with my sister and her family though even if there was some stress and let downs its always great to be with them.

I figured I would whip up a snack for monkey butt after school (since I think she is getting the cold too)  So since I had some bananas in the freezer and some yellow cake mix I threw this together.  
 It was enough to make a large loaf and two small loafs.  It is soo yummy I threw chocolate chips and some walnuts in it.
It is two bananas, a yellow cake mix, and two eggs.  You bake it at 350 for 35 to 40 min.   I found this recipe here and haven't made banana bread any other way since.  Well I am off to have a piece of this and something to drink for my sore throat :)

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