Monday, March 25, 2013

sewing baby projects

Spent some time working on baby gifts this week/weekend.  I had a baby shower for my gf amanda so I wanted to get a few things made for that and while I was at it I got a few things done for my baby :)
I made these burp cloths for my baby...

I just loved this tandem bike pattern and I got sort of a green sherpa material for the back :)

I made amanda this set for her baby girl that has cute flannel patterns and a bright pink terrycloth on the back.  ( I made a few more of these to save for baby gifts down the road)

After her shower she still needed some burp cloths and I had some left over chenille so she picked this butterfly flannel while we were out earlier and I whipped these up for her. 

 Ignore the thread showing in this lol I will have to remember to snip that.

Another project I whipped up for her was a little travel size taggy.  I had never made one of these before but my sister has and she gave me a tip on the easiest way to do the tags and it was a cinch from there. :)
I was happy with how it turned out being my first try and I had enough left that I made a spare one of these to put up for a future baby gift too :)  I am going to quit making things for mine until after the 16th when I know the sex :)  (22 days left) :)  Have a good day guys.


  1. OK. Curiosity is killing me - and my babies are 27 and 31, so maybe it's new! What is the taggy, and what is it for/how is it used?

  2. ha a taggy is like a little swatch of blanky they can travel with. The tags are there for them to rub like shelby would always rub her tag on her blanky so it is a little comfort travel thing for them. They are perfect to hook on the stroller or car seat with those little plastic links :)