Wednesday, July 27, 2011

toddlers and tiaras/ refurbished desk/taco cupcakes

So my kiddos are with their fabulous aunties for the week but before they left we had a special night watching (one of their favs) toddlers and tiaras, and then we played toddlers and tiaras. I gave them big hair (via bump-its) and loaded them up with make up they were soo funny.

Look at how cute they were lol

check out the mug on this one ...if that isn't her true personality showing through I don't know what is lol

now that they are gone I am working on projects here is one I have finshed..
I painted my hubbys old nasty desk that is fire monsters. She is going to be super excited.

and after finishing that project I was sitting her jonesing for something sweet. I whipped this baby up.
filled the cup with ice about a T of chocolate syrup, a splash of sweet cream, about 1/4 c cold press, and a good spoon full of mallow cream for some thickness and sweetness and a T of heath toffee chips, fill the rest of the way with some ff milk and blend sooooo good. I love it .
I also swung by the thrift shop on a errand and found these fab milk glass things to add to me collection.
then since it was just me and the hubby I made us a dinner using a new recipe found here. it is cupcake tacos. They are soo good. You spray a muffin tin. (mine is ugly and well used) and I put wonton wrappers in

then layer taco meat, black beans, and shredded cheese,

do one more layer

then bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

super yummy they were a huge hit with the hubby. We topped then with cream cheese and him some franks hot sauce of coarse. Super good give it a shot. Anyway I am going to watch some pretty little liars with my yummy new drink and some popcorn and knit. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

hurricane glasses /my honey do list/i love damask

Okay so I had to mix a few things up around the house. I changed out some stuff that sits on the dvd rack. It is a main wall in the living room and drives me nuts.

I gave my hurricane glasses a face lift with some damask fabric a strip of printer paper and double stick tape. Then to keep the candle steady I put some rocks from the dollar tree around the bottom.

Then I took my (yes fake) hydrangeas out of the half bath and used a mason jar some more rocks and old corks.

Then this is one of my favs. I saw a sorta to do list on line and decided to make a white board one with the things I needed on it using a frame and yes more of the clearance damask fabric. I love it.

I also gave up my "file holder" from the girl cave until I can grab a new one for the girls to have a art center. I

but this is one of my favorite things. Since my shelf that hold my tv now isn't backed up to a wall but to the office area I have to stare through at that area and from the other side it is all cords and a mess I used the iron fabric fuse stuff to stick damask fabric up across the back.
Now pretty from both sides :) Well I need to get moving and actually do the things on my little chart. but here is some food for thought on what my next blog will be about. Check this out :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

My girl cave/ haven/craft room

In many homes I have visited there is a "man cave" A dark creep beer filled many place with possibly dead animals posed in. I have turned the tables.. in my home we have a GIRL CAVE... I love it. It is pretty and full of things I love. I go there to hide and work and relax. I keep all my goodies I don't want my girls to get into. It is my equivalent of a bat cave lol. It is where I keep my super powers hidden. (excuse any messes I have been hard at work lately)

Here is my sofa table which I am in love with. I love love love it the coat of ocean breeze blue made a huge impact.

above it I had my hubby hand this book shelf. It is great.

This is all of my yarn and knitting books. I love the little cubbies hanging on the wall on the bar. Super cheap from IKEA and I keep lots of stuff there. Love it.

This is my filing system. Super cheap dish rack from target and cute folers :)

It sits on a ugly rubber made drawer system that holds my etsy stuff and my wrapping things (gift bags, tissue paper and what not)

my comfy rocker.
here is the view from my bedroom.( notice the lovely tissue poufs they make me smiles)Also the wall art is just fabric covering foam board from the dollar store and the birds are fabric (I linked that to a tutorial) I got the images shapes I wanted by googling them and then I cut the out of the fabric and heatn bond lite. Then iron them straight on the wall. They won't damage and come off easy (since we rent this is moy importante)

this is my sewing table with curtains that are a re-purposed shower curtain. and my frames that have fabric and paper to be cute white boards. I love them. I also save all of my containers from cocoa and what not and cover them and they hold my pens needles and all sorts of things. Well there it is in a nutshell. My girl cave. My haven. I love it!

I love spray paint

Sooo Things have been getting a new look all over the place in my house. Here are some of the victims...I mean lucky recipients. A few goodies I picked up at a thrift shop. A clear cake pedestal and a really beat up old frame.

I made the cake pedestal look like milk glass (another obsession of mine) by spray painting it white.

and the frame which was brown wood I spray painted ocean breeze blue and then I put masking tape in a rectangle in the glass and painted it silver and then made the clear part blue. and it is a lovely tray.

This was a clear glass candle tray I received years ago. I put a coat of silver spray paint on the bottom and look how cool it is now as a little tray on my dresser to catch the little things.

Cute right? By the two plates and candle holders that I painted and hot glued to hold other things.

I aslo had a totally nasty tv tray from working at a coffee shop 6 almost 7 years ago. It was warped stained and nasty to the hilt.

I threw a coat of white paint now it is a shabby chic little side table in the girl cave.
One of the next things to get a make-over is this...

It is a roll top desk that was my hubbies ex-girlfriends grandmas. I have tried to get rid of it a few times but I think I will just embrace it and make it mine I am thinking a coat of paint maybe some other hardware and some fabric or scrap booking paper in the back by the cubbies . what do you think? Well I am off to snuggle in bed I have some other updates around the house (thanks to my never ending obsession with I will have to post them soon! Let me know what you think I should do with the roll top?

new blankie

I can hardley wait for my new blankie to be done. Its nice to knit and snuggle. :)
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

lemon cookies and refurbished furniture

Well besides the family emergency and nearly being eaten alive by the Minnesota state bird (see other post). I have been working on lots of things. Like..

I recovered and repainted my last two kitchen chairs. (yeah I know they don't match my other 4)

and painted my sofa table (given to me by my Friend Addy) I painted it ocean spray blue. I love it. It had a burn on the top and was not in perfect condition and I think it really brought out the lovely shape and legs.

I also started a new couch snuggle blanky and made these

great lemon cookies Mrs Janna at the purple iris got me hooked on. The recipe is on Pillsbury lemon cake box. but it is 1 box lemon cake mix 1/3 c oil and 2 eggs. roll into 1'' balls and smash with bottom of glass coated in sugar. bake 350 for 5-7 min. They are soooo good. I love them.

Other then that my new addiction is pintrest . If you are new you have to check it out. My big sis got me big time hooked. I have to go back up stairs before the heathens turn cannibal. My hubby is now working 2am-12pm and is in bed sleeping across the room, and seeing as how my children can't be trusted alone for more then 10 minutes at a time I better get up there. ~~~

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the best way to stop mosquito bites from itching

So I to top off a lovely weekend of cleaning out my grandmother in laws home who may not live much longer. I got covered in mosquito bites. I mean COVERED!!!! I look like I have the chicken pox! I have 13 on my left foot alone (most of which are in the arch of my foot or the heel making it impossible to wear shoes). And before you even say it yes I used bug repellent the stronger deet stuff..and lots of it. My kiddos were pretty ate up too. So I was miserable and researched and tried all different methods. This was what has worked best of all.

Make this oatmeal soak. I ground up oatmeal (about 2 or 3 cups)til it was a powder then added baking soda(about half cup) then added some powdered milk(about cup). Mix then pour into a tub of warm water and soak for twenty minutes. (stir before you get in).

Then (and I forgot to picture this part) when you get out dot each mosquito with plain old vinegar (this will feel like you were stabbed with a white hot poker by the devil himself but hey if it stops the itching I will take it at this point!)

Then dab hydracortizone (which helps block histamine) on each one I bought the cooling gel kind. and when that dries in cover it with gold bond powders which has Mentholatum and zinc.(both great for itching) I also have taken benadryl at bed time and put some of my powder ice packs on my feet to numb the itching so I can fall asleep. Hope this helps some poor soul out there suffering like me.:)

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Friday, July 1, 2011

true love

There is just something special about knitting these little guys and knowing the love they will recieve i feel like woody and jessies creator lol.
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