Monday, November 29, 2010

sea salt scrub

So I thought today would be the perfect day to share another spa treatment/gift idea with you since monkey butt got her cast off and was in desperate need of some exfoliation. This is one of my long time favorites because it is so expensive in stores (one minute manicure or bodyshop bath and body works ext) but soo cheap to make. Sea salt scrub.. Here is what you need:a oil you can use almost any oil but my favorite is almond (doesn't leave you quiet as slimy but safflower is good coconut is great (but a tad on the spendy side) grape seed of coarse, evoo you get the drift. Some sea salt I like to mix coarse and fine to get a good scrubby mixture and something for scent you can use a few drops of your favorite essential oils or go natural (almond oil and coconut oil have a nice scent already)

Here is monkey butts post cast arm..
you should have seen it before the first washing!!! She looked like a leper!

Here is the mixture. It doesn't have to be a perfect science. I throw one part coarse to 2 parts fine and then add oil until it looks like this..

grab a bit

and buff away. I don't recommend this for faces. your body has different types of skin..for example below your neck is like cardboard above is like writing paper, around your eyes is like tissue paper and they all hav e differnt thickness . Elbows knees arms this is all great for anywhere like that you get dry on :)

Just buff a good minute of two depending on the needs . I do it on my hands before bed or if you are doing your whole body in the shower before you turn it on.

You might feel a bit slimy at first your skin will soak all that moisture up in a minute or two and leave you silky smooth. Store the extra in a jar in your shower

poor monkey butts arm looks much better but it will take her a few times to get back to normal.
Enjoy guys and hope this helps you out :) I am off to scrub my self up with some peppermint and hop into the tub (my cold is killing me and the hubby has the kids at the gym oh sweet glorious silence )

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