Friday, November 12, 2010

My little mae mae

What you are seeing in this photo is a changed man ( and me dying in the back ground but don't mind that ) This is my hubbys proudest moment. This was 11:44 on 11/11/07. True to Evea maes form she was born just before the vikings game to make her daddy happy.
She was purple for a long time and just a puny little thing. This is her going home outfit that monkey butt picked for her. She was going through her dirty dancing phase.

Shelby wound up getting sick and had ear infections but she was proud as could be. :)

now she is a full blown monster.

who uses poor fat andy for a step stool :) She colors on walls, eats things that can't be digested by the human body, climbs everything, occasionally curses like a sailor, and is a constant challenge but she is also cute, sweet, funny, and loving. She is a child with a mind of her own and it is a hard mind to change but one thing is for sure I love that little fire monster :)

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