Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I was in urgent care next to the wolf man

So It isn't that I don't love you guys that I have been m.i.a. I have had quiet a week. Let me elaborate. Tues was my sis's spine surgery. So I went over the her house cooked for all the in laws. Wed went up to Minneapolis and visited the berns Thursday I did some chores and got some things handled around here. Friday was monkey butts trip to the orthopedist for a re exray and new cast then up to berns in Minneapolis then grocery shopping. (Now here is where this takes a turn) My monkey butt was complaining the whole time that her tummy hurt and she had been since the night before. So yeah about ten that night she starts throwing up and my bud Missy told me to get call the nurse line.
The nurse line told me to take her in because sounds like a appendix. Well we(I say we because my glorious neighbor/buddy/angle Missy stayed until like 5 in the morning with us) get her there they dope her up on morphine and she is high as a kite. Then we are sitting there and some kid is screaming like he is being dismembered in the other room for like a hour straight You hear him throwing things, what sounds like them wrestling. It is insane. I told Missy many times I was pretty sure some guy was morphing into a werewolf!! but eventually they sedated him and the cops were there. So they get on with monkey butts cat scan. Her appendix was bigger then it should be but not super duper inflamed yet. So they moved us upstairs and we stayed all night in case she was in the beginning stages of a appendicitis.
I got 2 hours sleep all in all and we didn't get released until 6pm the next day. They did strep came back negative told me must just be viral lots of fluids not much food and no solids at first. Go through a few days of that try a bit of trick or treating Sunday. Send her to school Tuesday and head up to see berns. Then get a call during dinner from the clinic monkey butt has strep throat!!!! So back home from school today. She spent all day home doing crafts (so my house is trashed)

Here she is working hard on some potholder for Christmas (shhhh don't' tell anyone;)

Here is the only thing I have finished lately. A purse made from recycled t-shirts. This will go on my etsy tomorrow when I can get some decent pics.

Sorry such a bag pic. This is the other side of the bag. It has a cute owl cable wooden handles and magnetic snap closure.

here are the two monsters on Halloween. Can't skip those pics.

And here is me and mean taylor. I took this to send to berns she was having a rough day and I thought this would get a smile out of her. Well as you might well have guessed I am exhausted and I need to get to bed because tomorrow fire monster has her 3 year check up and monkey butt has a school program. So off to bed with me ;) Good night and hopefully things will slow down for a bit now.

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