Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh for cryin in the beer cheese soup.

well this is what we had for lunch...

It was awesome delicious cheesy jalapeno soup I got from the craft fair. It was super good and I like to put some popcorn on top like with beer cheese soup. I love beer cheese soup and I love the movie new in town lol. I live in Minnesota not the middle of no where like that movie though. I love when the Foreman says "oh for crying in the beer cheese soup" lol Among many other things and I can do the accent great lol. I find it hilarious because I didn't grow up here. I see the humor. So we were eating our lunch when..Oh for crying in the beer cheese soup! The school nurse called monkey butt is sick again!!!! Fever had to go get her. So this was my house in the afternoon.

She was 102.4 when we got home and wound up like this. The hubby was complaining he was sick to soo he was like this...

So much for me being sick. I told them it is against the law to get sick before I am 100% but they aren't buying it . The worst part the only person who is 100% is this one...

Ahhhh she is driving us all crazy and getting into as much trouble as she can!!! Send help please!!! lol but I did manage to get the cupcake hat patter wrote up for all sizes doll, baby,child and teen/adult. So it is available for purchase in the side bar. but I better go before the fire monster causes anymore damage lol.

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  1. Awww. Sorry everyone is sick! Cover poor Ben up with that afghan though! He looks cold!

    Hope you are all better soon - and that fire monster stays out of trouble. :)