Thursday, July 18, 2013

braided cheesy chicken broccoli bread

I don't remember when it was but I (like often happens) decided to try a recipe from pintrest and it was spaghetti bread.  It looked complicated but was really quiet simple and It was a big family hit.  The hardest part of the recipe is remembering to take the loaf of rhodes bread dough out to thaw lol.  I have since made all kinds of braided bread recipes (taco, buffelo chicken, ect.) At some point a while back I decided to try braided cheesy chicken broccoli bread and it was a big hit with the family (even fire monster who has always told me broccoli was poopoo).  I made it last night and did a step by step process for you guys. One loaf feeds my family of 4 (my girls aren't huge eaters but my hubby eats atleast seconds and I go back for seconds normally and he has a bit left for lunch if you have teens or what not makes a side or a second loaf :)  here is all you need:
  • a few frozen chicken breast
  • a loaf of frozen bread dough
  • 1 small can cream of chicken soup
  • about 2-3 cups cheddar
  • and half bag frozen chopped broccoli  
Start by tossing your chicken into the crock pot.  I used more then a few frozen boneless skinless chicken breast because I figured I could use the second half for dinner tonight.  I love to cook my chicken this way it leaves it juicy and is no fuss no muss.  I toss them in throw a bit of sea salt and pepper on top and toss it on low for about 3-4 hours

At that same time take a loaf of frozen bread dough out (rhodes is most common but I think I used hyvee brand for this).  Place the bread dough on the counter on parchment paper or a silicone nonstick mat like I did.  And just leave it to let it get to room temp.  (I took all this out about noon and started dinner about 3:30 or 4:00 because of my hubby's work schedule he has to be in bed by 6:00 p.m. which means we eat at the same time as nursing homes lol)
The bread will be more of a room temp but not have raised.  You take it and roll it out into as big a rectangle as you can(you will need to use a bit of flour on the top to keep from sticking to your rolling pin but don't flour surface you are rolling on or it won't stay rolled out and stretched).  Then place plastic wrap over and let sit for about 15 min while you work on the rest of ingredients.
Here is the chicken fully cooked and falling apart in its own juices. (start oven preheating to 350 f)
Shred up a few cups of it just using a fork
Add the can of cream of chicken soup.
Blanch and add half the bag of frozen chopped broccoli.
Add a few cups of cheddar (normally I have been liking to by brick and shred or chop my own but shredded was on sale so meh what eve) mix it all up and you are ready to move on.
Fill the middle of the dough with the mixture. (making sure to leave room at sides and ends of rectangle).
Use a knife and slice the edges like so about every 1'' to 1 1/2''

Fold in ends like so
Then take one strip from one side and wrap to other like so..
Then wrap one from other side like so and keep alternating just like that until you get to the end..
It will then look like this..
I sprinkled with a bit more cheese.
Bake at 350 f for 30-35 minutes and this lovely thing will come out.  Sometime you get some leakage like I did  if this bugs you take care to leave a bit of a gap between cut lines and filling during the process.  but this doesn't but us we just scoop up the spillage when we dish up.
It is soo yummy and cheesy and delish. 
I hope you guys like this and I hope you give it a try.  If you do please let me know how you like it :)
Have a good day guys.

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