Sunday, July 7, 2013

nursery update.

I wanted to do a update on the nursery progress.  We got our crib and the hubby got it put together.  I love it soo much.  It makes my heart leap every time I walk by .  

We went for the 4-1 convertible crib.   It will become a toddler bed, a daybed, and a double bed after this. 
I got the cute mobile hooked up and the chevron crib sheets I wanted.  I also hooked up the breathable bumper pad (that was a chore and a half It did not want to fit our crib for some reason.  But I think we will be okay.)

 Super cute huh.  We still have one more thing we need to work out in this room.  We are kicking around a few different ideas for clothes storage but haven't settled on anything yet.
I know another thing I am loving... My diaper bag my sister made me. She has been adding custom bags to her website (here is a link to her etsy she has two shops)  for a while now and I told her I wanted something not super baby-ish, and in colors that matched the other things.  I love this. 

 It has the blue and cream chevron on the bottom grey on top, a navy inside with some more chevron pockets inside.  It has 3 pockets across each side and one on each edge.  Besides the chevron pockets sewn to the inside it has a large zipper pocket the size of one whole side of the bag.  She also included a detachable cross body strap.  I already moved my stuff from my purse over ...its okay to use the diaper bag before the baby is here right lol.  I love this!!  It is just like a big purse which is what I wanted.  Me and my sister have very different taste and she kept it a surprise I was nervous so I was very excited over this.  

She also made me a new mothers necklace seeing as I will be needing one
Isn't it cute.  I also love this it is different then the other ones she has made me.  I love it because she uses all nickle free food safe aluminum or stainless steel because my skin is sensitive and I will break out if it isn't.  If you need one for you or someone you know they are 15$  and available on either of her sites.

We are finally home.  My allergies have been awful and I have been getting horrible sleep.  Being in your last trimester is exhausting on its own.  I have nothing left after this weekend.  It is early bedtime in our house then up to clean and organize the girls bedrooms tomorrow.  Let the down sizing begin.  Hope you guys have a great weekend.

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