Saturday, July 6, 2013

baby shower.

Yesterday we had a baby shower/ BBQ for a few close friends and family.  We wanted to do fun to celebrate since this is our third child and only boy and our last.  So we planned a easy going barbeque with no games and no expectations.  We had boys and girls, as well as kids (but I guess for some reason I didn't feel the need to force the boys into the picture lol) It was a blast and I am glad we got to get everyone together.

Here is everyone from top left clock wise: my sister Angela, my niece Megan (aka mean taylor), me, my soon to be already adopted and loved sister in law amber, holding my gf Missy's baby chance, hope my gf Missy's daughter (aka according to fire monster her cousin), my gf who I miss having as a neighbor and love to pieces Missy, my sister in law/gf/the reason I have my amazing hubby and kids Bernie, and the best big sis a girl could ask for (who puts up with us in her home and had all of us over) Melissa.

Here is a closer pic of Melissa, Bernie, Missy, and Hope.  We grilled burgers and dogs, ate a ton of other food, laughed joked the kids played the men hung out by the grill had a couple beers and joked around.  What more could you ask for?  Missy hadn't thought she could make it but wound up coming and I am soo glad we all really enjoyed seeing her and her family and spending some time with this little guy..
Chance..isn't he just the cutest little thing.  He was hilarious. Not only is he cute but he just has the most fun little personality ever.  We all had to take turns with the little cutie.  Amber was loving on the little cutie pie here.  Well I am up early struggling with allergies AGAIN and couldn't help documenting this fun little day we had.  Soon my big sis will be up and we are going to cook pioneer woman's migas for the family.  You know there is just something about being in the kitchen with the girls in my family that makes my heart smile and fills me up.  I can't explain it but it just makes the world right.  I love my family very much and was so glad to get some time with them for what might be one of my last trips up until our baby boy arrives.  :) Well I am off to dig in the fridge and start gathering the ingredients.  Have a great day guys and hug your amazing families for me :)

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