Thursday, July 11, 2013

32w 1d update

I am one day late this week because I spent the whole day yesterday doing a factory restore on my laptop!!!  The virus's were just out of control so I decided screw it.  I backed up my stuff onto a thumb drive and took the plunge.  No more virus's but I still haven't figured out how to get my pictures, documents, and videos back where they were.  My laptop is running WAY better though. I don't know what sort of virus I had but I tried everything for over a month now to get rid of it.  There would be random noise playing in the back ground while I worked.  (like a news cast or a video of some sort that I wasn't watching) and when I would click on links when I did a search it wouldn't send me where I clicked but to where ever it wanted instead!  Over the weekend it got to where it was playing like 4-5 videos sound in the back ground and I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I am glad I did.  I will figure out how to put my info back that  is no biggy compared to what I was dealing with!

Anyway besides a day full of computer drama it was a busy week.  Family had the girls for half the week and we were up in the cities visiting and had our family baby shower this week too.  I went well and I did a blog post on that good time :)  I also have noticed my hands are starting to swell and even get numb at night.  I am shocked it took this long for that lovely symptom to kick in.  I have also had AWFUL allergies which is causing awful headaches.  Other then that still feeling good.  I have maternity pics with a incredibly talented friend of mine this weekend I am sooo excited for that!!  It will also be our last trip to the twin cities for quiet some time since starting in august I will be in no fly zone.  So we need to get in our twin cities fun while we can.  Well if the computer trouble wasn't a good enough time I am off to grocery shop!!  Have a good one guys. :)

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