Tuesday, July 16, 2013

diy no sew bunting tutorial

I thought it would be a great addition to Max's nursery to make some bunting.  I didn't want to take the time to sew all the flags together and use bias tape and what not like most of the tutorials I ran across. Since I would have it flat on the wall it didn't need to be two side.  I thought I would just do it no sew style and share a tutorial with you guys

 Here is what I used:
  •  Thicker twine (I got it at walmart in the jewelry making section) 
  •  I had 5 different fabric patterns (all scraps from other projects for the room.
  • hot glue and glue sticks
  • a rotary cutter and mat
  • card board to cut a templete
I made the templete 11cm wide (at the base of the triangle) and made a mark 5.5 cm in the middle of that and used a straight edge to draw a line from the ends to it.  I folded my fabric so each time I cut along the templete I would get atleast get 4 triangles and I would leave a tab about 3/4'' off the edge so I would have a tab to glue over the twine.

Here is what they looked like:
I lined them up in the order I wanted to glue them on (making sure to mix more colorful patterns and the grey)
I measured and cut my twine for the place I wanted it to cover taking into account the drape I wanted.
Then take a triangle place it wrong side up and place the twine along the tab you cut..
Next do a line of glue just under the twine.  (if you look close you can see it in the picture)

 Then fold the tab over onto the glue and press down.  
 Keep going down the line.  You can do them back to back or leave a gap I left about 1/2-3/4'' gap between flags.
I made two different ones for max's room.  
Here is the finished product.  I did one over his changing table.
And one along the back wall with the rocker..

As you can tell I used some of the left over fabric from the name canvas's I made That tutorial can be found here.
There is the project for the day.  I have another lined up I need to get done but my girls have been AWFUL all week so far and I have had my hands full.  They brought shame to the family name during a emergency ultrasound yesterday in which they were fighting the whole time (I mean kicking, hitting, rolling on the floor, getting into things) It was RIDICULOUS!!!  But they haven't found why I am having the sharp pains in my stomach but Max is breach!!  So I have another ultrasound in 3 weeks to see if he flips.  I am very concerned after the ultrasound because I figured out his head is the bump that has been up by my ribs the whole pregnancy. makes me think that he doesn't like to be upside down!  I hope he changes his mind soon.  I am off to a appt.  I hope you guys are having a great day and this tutorial is helpful.

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