Saturday, June 28, 2014

My surgery..septoplasty turbinate reduction concha bullosa resection

So I have always had a problem with sinus infections.  I figure if you have bad allergies it goes with the territory.  But for the last over year I have had a pretty much continuous sinus infection and I have had bloody noses sometimes up to 7 or more times a day.  On a good day I don't have a bloody nose.  When I went in to a e.n.t in april I had been on 6 rounds of augmentin in the last 6 months!!!  That doesn't include the other six months and their rounds.  I have been through all kinds of allergy meds also a few zpacks.  I also have been through a few rounds of steroids.  So I have had it with the constant head aches and sinus infections and nose bleeds.  Our next step was surgery. 
 I have a deviated septum and a bunch of my glands and what not were swelled up to where things were just sitting in there and infecting.  So my Dr. said I needed a septoplasty turbinate reduction concha bullosa resection.  Let me break that down for you a septoplasty is a surgery to correct the deviated septum.  That means the middle part the inside of my nose is crooked from being broken (no double from my lovely mother smacking me in the nose when I was a child all the time) So the make incisions cut in and take out the bone and cartlidge and correct it.  They also took some bone spur.  Here are what some turbinates look like and what will happen there.

As for the concha bullosa. I couldn't find a good illustration like the terbinates so It is like a edimame shaped thing in my nose that is swollen and blocking the way so that was removed also. So it is all to make a proper airway for me.  I had to removed my opaque polish for the surgery it was a requirment. So I removed the blue I had on and did a french mani
This was me no make up on the way to surgery yesterday. 
This is me after.  I have had surgery two other times.  I had my wisdom teeth removed all four at once two had already grown in and  two were cut out.  I also had my breast reduction a few years ago.  This was the hardest come out of.  It wasn't the sinus pain I have lived with that for a year.  I had this awful taste like I had used a antibiotic as a breath mint and just let it dissolve in my mouth.  My stomach was killing me it was all the drainage and blood had gone to my stomach.  I threw up allot.  It was a vicious cycle.  I was sitting up in a recliner so when they would give me antinausea  meds I would pass out my heads would go back and every thing would drain.  I would wake up get sick and everything would start over.  Because of that I couldn't eat anything to get my pain meds in me so my blood pressure started to raise (it was like 170/100 something my bp pre surgery even with being freaked out was 120/69) which means I was bleeding more.  So finally I just made my self throw up and one time was all it took all the drainage came out lol.  I had half a blue bag of that I instantly felt better ate some pudding and took my pain meds.  My bp dropped right away.  I made them move the recliner out and I reclined it was far back as I could passed out a bit longer and then was well enough to head the hour and a half home. 
This is me on my way home.
 They say to stay on top of your pain meds even if your not feeling too bad because your bp will raise and you will bleed more)  I got home and laid down with the hubby went to get my meds.
 This was me yesterday evening looking lovely.  I don't have any packing or anything just a strap that holds a peice of gauze under my nose to catch any bleeding and drainage.
 These are the pretty roses the hospital sent me.  I am really hoping whiskers the idiot doesn't eat these.
 So I ate relaxed took my meds and at bed I used the refrigerated eye mask they sent home.  I slept better then I thought I would. 
Today so for I am up and doing okay.  I am not in a ton of pain but I have crazy dry mouth that won't stop and I am not bleeding as much . So there is day one so far.  I was up pretty early this morning because I slept through my pain med alarm.  I didn't wake up from pain or anything but I figured I better get on it before I started to and the bleeding increased.  But now that my pain meds have kicked in I am ready to crash again.  :)  Will check in later.  Have a good day guys.


  1. It's good that you finally had a surgery to help with your sinus issues. Though some may view these types of procedures as cosmetic, it's good to see that it can also help those who have the same or related problem as yours. Anyway, I hope that you were able to fully recover soon after, and that no other complications have arisen during your recovery period. Take care!

    Glenn Lowe @ Knight and Sanders

  2. Yes mine was completely noncosmetic. My nose looks the same the only things changed was internal things. I had chronic sinus sinusitis for over a year a continual sinus infection before I had this done. Now I am fine :)

  3. any repeat sinus infections? This same procedure has been recommended to me by my ENT and doing research to see if its worth it.

    1. I think it is I havent had any sinus infections and i can breath way better, although it seems to take forever for my inside of my nose to heal on one side. It might be my faulet I had been getting lazy with the antibiotic ointment and rinses. But I would say still way better then stinking sinus infections constantly

  4. Thank you for this post, as I'm considering having this procedure done! I'm miserable and sick every 6-8 weeks. Would I need to take off any days from work with a procedure like this? Was there a lot of bruising after?

  5. Hey just found your post really helpful. I'm about to get this done. Just wondering how you are now a few years later. Hope you get back to me. thanks. :-)

    1. Yes it has been a few years the recovery was kind of rough I would get headaches from the pressure but that was the worst of it all in all sinus infections are way way less maybe couple year and constant nosebleeds are gone and I can breathe much easier I hope this goes well for all of you as it did for me I'm glad that I did do it good luck