Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2014 4th of july manis/ nail ideas.

For those of you who don't know me or follow my blog I am 5 days out from my septoplasty surgery and not feeling super hot.  I had redone my gel nails last Thursday in a french mani because I couldn't do opaque polish during surgery.  Since I am still not feeling super hot but I wanted to do something fun for fourth of july.  I decided to do it up quick and dirty.. I didn't soak off my mani.  I literally took my regular art polish over my gel then put a coat of gel top coat and cured that. ;)  Worked like a charm.  My fire work-esk accent nails are inspired by missjennfabulous on youtube I have to tutorial posted on here for any of you who are interest for some cute quick 4th of july ideas.
As for fire monster you know she wasn't going to let me off that easy  she wanted a little bit of everything. (I know these are a bit messy but cut me some slack her 6 year old nails are really tiny for some of this nail art)  I did a gel base coat and top coat for her hoping they will last until 4th since she has such oily nail beds nothing last well on her! 
Well here are some great fun and most of all easy nail art ideas have a great 4th guys.

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