Wednesday, July 2, 2014

septoplasty day 5 update

 Well since my last update I have had a few pretty rough days.  It basically feels like I have a awful sinus infection/cold.  I have stuffiness,swelling, and headaches.  Every now and again a problem I don't expect pops up to surprise me.  (like the horrible stomach ache from drainage during surgery) one of those things happened the past two days.  I will be fine just sitting there and then things will shift in my sinuses and my body will react like I have a inner ear infection.  Boom nausea, I almost pass out, dizzy, and all around sick as a dog.  I have had a few bouts of that.  Not fun.  Now my surgery wasn't cosmetic surgery it wasn't a nose job (that is rhinoplasty) Mine was all internal structure to help with drainage and airflow.  But I took before pictures and after just out of curiosity.  The left if before the right if after.  Now in this picture you can't see the bump on my nose for some reason so I did another.
 In this one the left is the after the right is before.  You can see the bump I am talking about.  I can feel it very well when I touch my nose.  You can see swelling in my eyes sinuses and nose although there is no bruising.  I don't have a stitch of make up on in any of these pictures.  I just wanted to show you guys the true look and process.  It looks like there is quiet a bit of swelling in my sinus areas you can see on my forehead by my eyebrows and the darkness and selling in and around my eyes. 
I forgot to take my pain meds ( I have been weaning down the amount doing half a pill instead of a whole and filling in with advil ) but I forgot for too long now and and getting pretty uncomfortable.  So I am going to take my meds and go to bed.  I have post op tomorrow after noon we will see how I am healing :)

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