Tuesday, May 18, 2010

green smoothie

So here is a example of my green smoothie that I have been drinking for my green smoothie challenge. It is a cup of spinach a cup of watermelon and kiwi. Some times some other things like today it had some strawberries and raspberries oranges watermelon and spinach what ever and some ice and water.

You blend it up and there you have it
It turns out something like this. I have been drinking two of these a day for 4 days now. I use my little magic bullet guy because it is convenient and easier to clean then my other one. I am still working out like crazy I went to the gym and did bosu this morning. It is a 45 minute class but it kicks your butt big time. I love the Tuesday teacher :) I also ran yesterday 2min walk 2 run this week I am feeling good about it. I do a mile around the neighborhood.
My knitting is going really slow I just get the feeling that these aren't what they should be. I have been reading the girls Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. So far I have been loving it. There was a chapter where 3 witches knit the socks of death lol Have to love that right. But I need to try to force the little fire monster to get ready for bed. She has been in rare form and making me extra crazy. Well I hope everyone is well I am off to watch biggest loser :)P

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