Thursday, May 6, 2010

cinco de mayo

So I made these lovely socks just in time for mothers day. They are made from the lovely knit picks yarn that was gifted to me for my birthday from the lovely Lynn.

They are very girlie and soft and lacy
I really enjoyed the pattern once I got it correct the one I was following didn't have the purl stitches and it kept throwing me off but I do love it now.
So there you have them the fan and feather socks. I spent the beginning of my cinco de mayo finishing them. After I went to the gym and took two zumba classes in a row. Zumba is Latin dancing (salsa, Miranda and such) and belly dancing. Then once that two hours was up I went out for some el toro with the family. :) well I am off to the gym to take my fitness yoga class then go grab a new phone mine has officially died. :( Next post will be on repairing (darning) holes in socks. That is how I spent the afternoon and evening yesterday.

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