Thursday, May 13, 2010

a nice rainy morning

So it was another rainy morning here in twin cities MN. I got up busted my hump to get everyone fed dressed and to the YMCA by 9:15 for the bosu class that me and my girlfriend were supposed to take (she didn't make it!!!) I made it through although I sweat so bad I actually saw it dripping off me and onto the ground (icky!!! I know)
As me and the girls dashed out the door to head for home it really started to pour. We grabbed a snack and did chores. I love love love a sparkling kitchen on a rainy day.
Take note of the cute new tea pot I got from monkey butt for mothers day ( isn't she sweet she made her dad go out to buy it on their visit this last weekend) It matches my canisters very cute

Now that I got monkey butt off to kindergarten this is what the rest of the house is doing. Notice how she is rubbing her ear which is what she does when she gets tired. I am pretty sure I am going to make her help me clean her messy room later this afternoon but she can enjoy a rainy day for now.

Even this guy is in hiding lol...

As for me I am going to do a bit of the same and maybe work on these things and maybe a little deadliest catch.

and if it ever stops raining I am going to drag my two ladies out on a walk / run to gear up for the autism 5 k on Saturday that my whole family is walking :) have a good day guys.

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