Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hmmm what to do what to do....

I am sitting around in my PJ's I got up cleaned some house and since I finished my Bellatrix socks last night I am trying to decide what to do seeing as i really don't want to work on Ben's socks. I am debating on either doing a plain jane ribbing pair of socks which is rare for me, or having a go at pomptimous by cookie a or just a Woodstock dish rag for my sister?? I am undecided. I really think I will wind up doing a pair of socks and the dishrag but what ever. I suppose since i have soo much to keep in mind from training I should go for the mindless ribbing.

I am awaiting the open sign up for the harry potter sock swap I signed up for. I am very excited for that. I have never done one and can't wait. I spent yesterday at mys sisters. She recently returned from Kosovo and it is soo great to spend time with her. She is great. I missed her. I spent last weekend cleaning her house with her because her husband had a insane mess in it. Well I need to go cook lunch with the hubby and get out of here so he can put down the fire monster (boo boo is up north with her "dad" I am sure to much relief of the cat) anyway I will post pics of the Bellatrix next time.

Friday, July 18, 2008

one week down the rest of my life to go...

Well today wasn't that bad. I got up was able to find my clothes and get out the door on time and even made it to work a few minutes early. I am really liking it even though it is super over whelming. I love the girls who sit by me in training and am seriously sad that we are going to be assigned new spots over the weekend. and yes there of coarse is one person I can't stand in class (because as my husband says I hate everyone. ) We will call her "the question asker" she is the one who asks questions that do not pertain to anything that have already been asked or that are totally obvious. She holds everyone back makes out day drag endlessly and says it all in a condescending tone like she is asking it for all of us idiots who must not know because we are obviously stupid. I have begged my friends to shut me up if I ever do that. She walked in at 8 this morning and right away started in..."before we get started I was thinking last night and..." do not think of more questions over night please like we don't hear enough during the day!

anyway I passed my first eval and I am going to knit as much as I can in a joyous celebration because monkey butt is visiting her "dad" and I got the fire monster to bed wooo hoo. Go me!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Better day..

Well I am less of a jerk today. (even though boo boo is throwing a huge fit because she wants to go out and play with her friends but is not aloud because 1 she is in trouble 2 she obviously is exhausted or will be by the time she is done crying so she may as well get in pjs now). I miss my knitting I have only really got to do it on the car ride to work and home I have not got anywhere. I am going to try to make so progress tonight since the way we are looking it is going to be early bedtime for the girl.

Work is great. I get overwhelmed by all we have to learn but I am just trying the best I can. I am getting a pretty good creak in the neck from looking at the instructor over my shoulder from my computer. I am rented a couple movies and am going to knit and enjoy bens evening off before since I lay in bed watching TV yesterday waiting for migraine meds to kick in. I really am excited for my new job and even more excited knowing between me and the hubby we will get 5 paychecks and renters credit check. So for any of you numerous people/business's we owe money we will see you soon lol. I am going to watch TV and ignore the screaming kid who is in way over her head for being mean to the cat and throwing him. I don't know why we are keeping her in really it is quiet the punishment on all of us. (and the cat wasn't' he punished enough already lol)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I am super doooper cranky. My husband is at it again. He locked the keys in our garage so that I couldn't get to our car to drive to work. So then he had to drive me in as boo boo calls it "the crappy car" He almost made me late for work on my second day I made it by two minutes if that. I then he was supposed to pick me up with the girls so we could grab some lunch spent half of my lunch break looking for him because he had no cell phone and he wasn't answering the home phone turns out he left before I came out for lunch. He wasted my time I got all wet by a sprinkler so my hair is nasty then I had to have my id pic taken for my badge.

So I was cranky had a crappy vending machine lunch and was distracted and out of it and failed half my tests and kept getting kicked out of training mode and getting behind. I was soo frustrated and up set I cried half the way home. I have lived here 4 years and never locked the keys in the garage he has done it three times in two years!!!! I am soooo cranky. To make matters worse the way he deals with mistakes is getting indignant and taking it out on others and I was not about to let that happen today. I was way way way tooo mad to deal with crankiness for something that is in no way my fault.

So yeah bad day.... oh then i get in the car at the end of the day and find out that his crazy alcoholic circus freak mom moved her new boyfriend (who she doesn't like and told it is just for fun) into the house when she old boyfriend (who my kids referred to as grandpa) out less then a month ago!!! and since when is something that is just for fun mean moving in together with her 13 year old daughter???? AAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhh. that is it everyone is moving out except me and my yarn. I might let the kids and cat come visit though.''

See how I get when I don't get a good dose of my knit ladies I am intolerable

Monday, July 14, 2008

One door opens...

Well I started the new job today. I do like it although all we did today was sit around and hear what not to do. There are about twenty people training along with me and they seem nice for the most part. Knowing me there will be someone in the group who is determined to make me hate them but isn't that always the case. I was up way too late last night and need to go to bed. but I am going to sit up watch some harry potter and knit for a bit. I forgot my knitting today so I need to get at least a bit in.

I didn't get to see my great husband at all today. He cleaned the house somewhat and got all the girls schedule done picked up a smidgen of groceries and had dinner cooked when I got home. then he ran straight to work. I will see him tomorrow though it is his day off. Woo hoo. I missed him. Well off to bed with me. I have to convince boo boo who slept alllll afternoon to stay in bed and watch a movie so I can go to bed. the fire monster is already out. :)

Ps if any of my knit group happens to read this i realy missed all of you today. :(

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I know I know...

It has been forever I understand this. I am lazy and tired and have been busy actually. This weekend my sister finally arrived back from Kosovo and I spent most of the weekend with her. I am now home and preparing myself for the start of my new job tomorrow. I am working for a cell phone company. I wasn't looking for a job and I guess you could say it was meant to be because it fell into my lap and it all worked out perfectly so far. We will see how much I like it it is the sorta thing I think I will like to do once I get the hours under control.

I bought some flat feet and am working on some bellatrix socks. It is going good. I have got a little big further to get to the toe. here would be what the flat feet looks like for those who are unfamiliar it is machine knit then died and you unravel it as you knit it.
have finished my socks for sherry (the monkeys I made her didn't fit so she gets the francies I made out of alpaca. Which might I say are the coziest socks ever love the yarn hate the pattern.
I have not even finished bens one sock because I dread knitting that pattern. I am further on my bellatrix i started just days ago then his sock I started like a month ago. My sister got my Seattle socks. (these girls are lucky I love them) It seems the older the fire monster gets the less i get to blog funny how that works. I am just busy busy lately. I will close with a cute picture of my fire monster looking not so fire monster.