Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Better day..

Well I am less of a jerk today. (even though boo boo is throwing a huge fit because she wants to go out and play with her friends but is not aloud because 1 she is in trouble 2 she obviously is exhausted or will be by the time she is done crying so she may as well get in pjs now). I miss my knitting I have only really got to do it on the car ride to work and home I have not got anywhere. I am going to try to make so progress tonight since the way we are looking it is going to be early bedtime for the girl.

Work is great. I get overwhelmed by all we have to learn but I am just trying the best I can. I am getting a pretty good creak in the neck from looking at the instructor over my shoulder from my computer. I am rented a couple movies and am going to knit and enjoy bens evening off before since I lay in bed watching TV yesterday waiting for migraine meds to kick in. I really am excited for my new job and even more excited knowing between me and the hubby we will get 5 paychecks and renters credit check. So for any of you numerous people/business's we owe money we will see you soon lol. I am going to watch TV and ignore the screaming kid who is in way over her head for being mean to the cat and throwing him. I don't know why we are keeping her in really it is quiet the punishment on all of us. (and the cat wasn't' he punished enough already lol)

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