Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hmmm what to do what to do....

I am sitting around in my PJ's I got up cleaned some house and since I finished my Bellatrix socks last night I am trying to decide what to do seeing as i really don't want to work on Ben's socks. I am debating on either doing a plain jane ribbing pair of socks which is rare for me, or having a go at pomptimous by cookie a or just a Woodstock dish rag for my sister?? I am undecided. I really think I will wind up doing a pair of socks and the dishrag but what ever. I suppose since i have soo much to keep in mind from training I should go for the mindless ribbing.

I am awaiting the open sign up for the harry potter sock swap I signed up for. I am very excited for that. I have never done one and can't wait. I spent yesterday at mys sisters. She recently returned from Kosovo and it is soo great to spend time with her. She is great. I missed her. I spent last weekend cleaning her house with her because her husband had a insane mess in it. Well I need to go cook lunch with the hubby and get out of here so he can put down the fire monster (boo boo is up north with her "dad" I am sure to much relief of the cat) anyway I will post pics of the Bellatrix next time.

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