Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I am super doooper cranky. My husband is at it again. He locked the keys in our garage so that I couldn't get to our car to drive to work. So then he had to drive me in as boo boo calls it "the crappy car" He almost made me late for work on my second day I made it by two minutes if that. I then he was supposed to pick me up with the girls so we could grab some lunch spent half of my lunch break looking for him because he had no cell phone and he wasn't answering the home phone turns out he left before I came out for lunch. He wasted my time I got all wet by a sprinkler so my hair is nasty then I had to have my id pic taken for my badge.

So I was cranky had a crappy vending machine lunch and was distracted and out of it and failed half my tests and kept getting kicked out of training mode and getting behind. I was soo frustrated and up set I cried half the way home. I have lived here 4 years and never locked the keys in the garage he has done it three times in two years!!!! I am soooo cranky. To make matters worse the way he deals with mistakes is getting indignant and taking it out on others and I was not about to let that happen today. I was way way way tooo mad to deal with crankiness for something that is in no way my fault.

So yeah bad day.... oh then i get in the car at the end of the day and find out that his crazy alcoholic circus freak mom moved her new boyfriend (who she doesn't like and told it is just for fun) into the house when she old boyfriend (who my kids referred to as grandpa) out less then a month ago!!! and since when is something that is just for fun mean moving in together with her 13 year old daughter???? AAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhh. that is it everyone is moving out except me and my yarn. I might let the kids and cat come visit though.''

See how I get when I don't get a good dose of my knit ladies I am intolerable

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  1. Oh, Aimee...so sorry you've had a bad day! How about making a spare key to the garage?

    Relax and get some knitting in, kiddo! Things will be better.