Sunday, November 17, 2013

new mommy night time routine..

I think being a mom we need some daily routines to take time to make ourselves feel good and take care of our selves and my night time routine is one of those things I look forward to it most eveinings.  So I though I would share what works for me.Okay having a new born I don't wear make up everyday but at least half the week I make the effort to put on something just because I feel better and more put together when I do.  So that being said the first thing I have to do in my routine is remove my make up and I do that one of two ways.  

Option one is cold cream.  I love this I can't believe I haden't started using this years ago. I learned about on dulce candys channel (I don't add the avacado seed ).  I rub it all over and wipe if off with a wet wash cloth.  It even removes waterproof makeup!  It is great for dry skin also. 

Option two is my norwex make up remover cloths.  I love these they just require water and they scrub off your makeup.  If I have had a long day and am super tired I can lotion and stop after this step.
Next I wash my face and the current face wash I am using is this one by cervea.  I can't tell you how much I like it because it has only been a few days but so far so good.  After this I will remove left over mascara with what ever generic brand dupe for neutrogina eye makeup remover I have and a cotton round.

Anther option I add some nights is exfoliating my lips.  I am many ways I do this but my current fav is the elf lip exfoliator.  It is awesome non messy doesn't taste gross and is in a lip stick form. 

I then moisturize and I am using a cerave one that seems to be doing well.  (I am not sure this is the exact bottle because mine is blue but it has a pump)
On my way walking to bed I smooth a layer of this over my face and neck also.  It is 5$ for a giant tub and it works just as good as anything I have tried so far. 

Last but not least I have a little thing of this sitting on my night stand and I put a little on my lips to moisturize them over night :) 
Upon occasion there is a microdermabrasion or a face mask or eye cream but this was my low maintenance new mommy routine not my full out pamper routine.  What are your die hard products you use and swear by and can't skip.  I would love to hear.