Sunday, August 3, 2014

how to tell if you got a bad haircut!

I have done hair since monkey butt was just little so she really has only had her hair cut by anyone but me only once!  About a week ago she asked to have her hair cut in a salon.  She had gone with her grandma for her haircut and thought it looked fun and wanted to try.  I totally get it and had been debating having there school haircuts in a salon because I feel like they might be missing out on the experience.  So we had a minute I called the salon I normally go to and my stylist was full but someone I didn't know had a opening and I have seen the other stylists work and I felt like it would be fine...then this happened.
eek Not what she asked for.  First off shelby brought a picture we explained what she would like.  The stylist didn't listen at all.  She didn't talk to shelby the entire cut and with the wash she was done in less then 15 minutes!!!  We got home and we were so disappointed.  I felt like this experience was ruined for her.  I was soo bummed.  So I recut her hair but first I took some pics and figured I would make this a learning experience for you guys.   

So here are some things to look for if you think you got a bad haircut.
1. First there shouldn't be big gouges out of your hair like this..
It should be a smooth transition like this..
2.  If you take a comb and grab a vertical or horizontal section it should be in some sort of a line weither curved or straight diagonal....not zipzag not like this...(ps not naughty looking at this ..his caption should be "oh no she didn't")

I like chevron but not in a haircut lol.  So this was shelbys before. 

 The picture she brought along was this..
Not so much.  Wasn't anything like what she wanted.  So I went in straightened out the bottom recut the layers and angled it around her face and touched up her swoop bang and this is the end result.
 about as close as a 11 year old should be to that cut :)  She is much happier.  
Here is a before and after with out her hair flipped.
 This is the unflipped cut.
 See the even bottom and smooth layers.  I also cut her layers quiet a bit because that is what the cut she asked for had. 
In ending I thought I would leave you with some tips on how to ensure you will have the best odds of getting the cut you want.  
  1. Bring a picture of the cut or color you want to the stylist with you.
  2. If you can find a cut with differnt angles the sides and back that is the best
  3. If you are talking color make sure you point out which tone you like in the picture.  There is always lots of differnt colors and tones make sure you guys are clear on exactly what part you are talking.
  4. pay attention when you stylist is styling your hair and ask for explanations as you go if they aren't explaining because you will want to recreate it.
  5. If there is a certain product you need to style the do (pomaid or wax or what not) make sure you have something to do it because you will want to achieve the look.  I am not saying you have to buy the exact thing that they use.  If it is in your budget that is great and it is best bet but if not go to the drug store and find something the same texture as what they used.
  6. Have realistic exceptions if you want a cut but that person has curly hair and you have straight or if you are low maintenance and that is a style that will need curled or straightened every day it probably won't work for you. If you have black hair and want blond expect to have fried hair or some brassiness.  You aren't going to look like a natural blond and have perfect hair. Or the exact color you showed but they will do their best to get you close to what you want.  If your not sure ask your stylist.  If they are worth their salt they can tell you. 
Those are my tips for helping you and your stylist the best color or cut you can.  I hope it was helpful. 
Have a great day guys.

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  1. What a gorgeous fix! Her before looks like mine :( And no one can help me since I wear extensions.