Friday, May 7, 2010

darning socks

So the other day I saw the most brilliant post on darning socks. I had to make one of my own. I love my hand knit socks and so does my hubby and I can't seem to make my self part with them so I have always patched them and done things to make them last better but this was very smart.
So since I am a bit crazy I have all my left overs from socks kept in baggies and stored for just this sort of emergency (either that or they are made into socks for monkey butt and fire monster)

So here are the hubbies favorite malabrigo socks that have sprung another hole from being worn so many times. I stuck a light bulb inside

threaded the needle with some left over yarn and worked into the strong part of the sock and went back and forth very close together.
ps there was only one word spell checker had to fix this post wooohooo

then went the other direction weaving in and out.

then diaganol because there was still gaps. And it patched the hole up. This one isn't the pretties out of many holes I did that day but it works and my hubby has his favorite socks back :)

here is another large hole he wore into them I cut the unhealthy part and then picked up stitches knit a patch and grafted it all togather that is smoother and prettier but it what ever works right. All that matters is they are still wearable :) Well have a good weekend guys

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